Tips for the installation of the pool slide

Pool slide installation

The pool slide is a perfect complement to any private house and a great opportunity to turn your pool into water park. But make sure that the pool slide is installed properly and is safe for all users. Pool slide installation.

The first step in the pool slide installation is the choice of the slide itself. Before making decision, think about the free space in your backyard and the people who’ll use the slide. Before buying it, find out the rules applied for installation of this particular slide. It is necessary to do it before purchasing!

The next step (after the slide is delivered to your home) is the installation of the slide. You must find a suitable place for it before its fixation. Make sure that this place fits you! The slide should be fixed at the end of the pool. Check if all the bolts and fastening are tightened safely. Check and fasten all loose or shaking details.

The good pool slides have the following safety features:

  1. they must have reliable railings for the support of the users, going upstairs;
  2. the stairs themselves should have anti-slip cover;
  3. it would be a good idea to pay attention to the slide equipped with the constant flowing water stream.

The use of such construction provides that your skin won’t stick to the slide at the time of sliding. You’ll also need this barrier, when the waterslide is not used.