Tips for choosing the ideal poolside plants

Installation may take a lot of your energy and funds, but eventually, it’s usually the small things that affect a pool most. If you’re spending huge sums on building the ideal pool, you need to find the time to work on the little details like landscape design. This involves selecting the proper ideal poolside plants and trees to supplement your pool.

Of course, you must select greenery that looks great and grows strong in your region. But still, there are several other concerns that might not be so clear to a new pool owner. Below you can find ten things to look for when choosing the plants should surround your pool.

  1. Find the greenery that makes your pool look better

Most likely, your swimming pool will be the central part of your yard. Find plants, which decorate and attract attention to your pool with appropriate colors and forms. To create the “stay-cation” effect, think of getting exotic plants, such as hibiscus.

  1. Select greenery able to take the heat

You should know that your pool flicks back the heat, making the area unusually hot, so make sure that the plants of your choice can withstand the heat.

  1. Don’t buy plants that clutter up your pool

Lots of plants drop flowers or leaves that can contaminate skimmers and usually litter your pool. Refuse from such ideal poolside plants, as well any other options that require much maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend the majority of your time maintaining your pool area instead of enjoying it.

  1. Choose plants that don’t require much water

Select plants that flourish in dry ground. Excessive irrigation around the pool can negative effect the pool deck and facilities.

  1. Opt for resilient plants

Apart from heat tolerance, general endurance is another desirable characteristic in plants that will grow next to the pool. After all, too sensitive plants may not survive constant splashes of chlorine water.

  1. Stay away from plants with spines

Your pool deck will probably get a lot of traffic. Cacti and the rest of spiny plants are the worst choice for place where many people will go barefoot.

  1. Take care of the privacy

Growing ideal poolside plants next to a fence is an excellent way to hide you from the prying eyes. If you’re a lucky owner of a spa that you’re going to use during winter, think of evergreens to protect it all year round.

  1. Provide shade

Your pool deck can heat up a lot during the sweltering summer months. Think of growing trees to throw shadow on your pool and patio.

  1. Stay away from trees with invasive roots

In the long run, trees with invasive roots (for example, oaks) can cause a significant damage to your pool equipment. In order to prevent pre-term repairs, avoid planting such trees near the pool.

  1. Forget about plants that can draw bees

You may find it difficult to relax with a cool cocktail if your pool is a meeting place for bees. But on the bright side, at least you’ll be able to dive into the water if you get swarmed.