The smartest and most cost effective pool renovation ideas

Aren’t you happy with your old pool anymore? Have you moved into a house with a pool that doesn’t look like the one of your dream? Or maybe you just can’t afford extra features you want because of a tight budget? Cost effective pool renovation ideas.

Anyway, the price of a capital pool renovation may be much more than you’re able to pay. Luckily, you still can make some substantial changes to your pool without breaking the bank. Actually, certain upgrades can even help you save over the long term by permitting your pool to work more effectively.

Below you can find a few pool renovation ideas to take into account if you aim at getting the highest return on investment. These ideas are focused on making an old-fashioned (but still properly working) pool look and work better at a low cost.

Cost effective pool renovation ideas

  1. LED lights

If you have basic floodlight, consider changing it for LED lights. LED pool lighting is more energy-saving than traditional options, which somehow compensates for the higher price of installation. In addition, it’s definitely the most cost-effective way to turn a common pool into a luxurious backyard oasis. LED lights can be placed anywhere in the pool area and are available in a wide variety of colors. LED lighting are the easiest way to add your personal sense of fashion to your pool area.

  1. Pool resurfacing

Although it’s nothing but cheap, resurfacing can be a great way to spend your renovation budget. The reason is that it improves the appearance of your pool, at the same time has a practical end of substituting something that wears out with time. If your pool now has a basic plaster finishing, an upgrade could also make the design of your swimming pool more up to date. Nowadays, most persons opt for aggregate finishes that are available in various colors and include rocks, shells, etc.

  1. Waterline tile

Just upgrading the waterline tile can make your pool look more modern. Add to it pool resurfacing, and your pool will look like new. However, this is not the most cost-effective upgrade.

  1. Water features

Although they can stretch your renovation budget, such elements as waterfalls and sprayers are usually quite simple to integrate into an available pool design. This way, for an affordable installation cost, you can give new life to a dull pool area with rush and noise. But you show know that water features can also enhance the price to maintain your pool by using additional electric power and enhancing water vapor (the latter leads to cooling).

  1. Automation systems

Pool technology is continuously developing, and most of the advanced gadgets can easily be upgraded to older pools. Most of this high-technology equipment facilitates the life of a pool owner and could even make you fire your pool experts. Some factors to take into account are automatic pool covers and robotic cleaners (most of them can be managed via a smartphone).


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