The price of winterizing a swimming pool

It is always hard to close a pool for winter. Unluckily, it gets even harder as soon as you understand how much you have to pay for winterizing your swimming pool. This could involve the cost of employing an expert who will do it for you, or the use of your time if you decide to do it on your own.

Anyway, insulating your inground pool is essential, particularly in the areas where the temp always falls below zero.

No matter if you’re a would-be or a current pool owner, you should realize the expenditures related to closing a pool. Like always, there’s a huge diversity based on your whereabouts and the characteristics of your pool. However, the following data is a great place to start.

What’s included

Before you make a decision on whether to do build a pool on your own or employ a pool constructor, you should realize what winterizing means. Although the certain steps may vary depending on the state and configuration of the pool, below are the most important tasks in short:

  • Carefully cleaning the swimming pool
  • Ensuring the balance of the water chemistry
  • Reducing the water level
  • Adding the proper chemicals
  • Draining the pool facilities
  • Fixing a pool cover

You should know that this was only a general overview. If you prefer to winterize your pool on your own, you should stick to the step-by-step instructions.

Winter pool covers

No matter whether you’re closing the pool on your own or employing a pro, you’ll have to set up a winter pool cover. These are usually intended to maintain your pool clean and secure during winter.

The basic types of winter pool covers are mesh and solid vinyl. The best pool covers are better at maintaining the pool clean and safe during winter but are more costly and need a pump to keep still water away from them. Mesh covers are less expensive and permit water to filter through; however, they also let in small dust particles and sunrays. Eventually, you can buy hybrid pool covers that include the best properties of mesh and solid vinyl.

Costs for winter pool covers can be different, but you will pay at least a couple hundred dollars. Of course, you’ll have to pay more if your pool is bigger or irregularly shaped. And of course, you’ll have to substitute your pool cover from time to time as it deteriorates in difficult conditions of winter.

Should you employ a pro?

Most pool owners prefer to winterizing a swimming pool themselves, while others prefer it to employ a service to do it for them. Since the work itself doesn’t need a pro, it actually comes down to how much you appreciate your time. People usually pay $250 for someone to cover your pool, but this cost can vary based on where you reside and how much you’re ready to shop around.

If you wish to do it on your own, but are nervous about making a mistake, we advise you to employ a service for the first two years. By seeing what they make, you can have an idea of how to handle this in the following years. Surely, if you find a great expert, you might simply decide to stay with them.

Closing your pool actually might seem as a hassle and an additional cost you don’t require. Just keep in mind that it will make your pool a better place to be when you open it up again – which is a really nice thought.