The price of a pool renovation

Pool constructors always stress that a high-quality inground pool can serve you for decades. But as with most offers, there’s very important but. Of course, the structure of properly built pool might hold up for many yours, however, it’s improbable that you’ll last so long without essential (and costly) updates. The price of a pool renovation.

Indeed, we mean the pool renovation. Eventually, every pool requires some large work done, whether for practical or merely cosmetic considerations. Below you can find some of the most widespread reasons to think of renovation:

  • Materials used for pool building are worn out and require replacement
  • Outdated systems (plumbing, pump, etc.) require major repairs to comply with the existing standards
  • The design no longer satisfies the requirements of the present owners, either since they purchased the house that already had the pool, or their circumstances have changed
  • The old device has just turned boring and require new functions to enliven things a bit

Usually, it’s a convergence of a number of factors. Some components of the pool might legitimately require replacement, but other, fewer pressing updates are made to take precautions and make the pool more attractive. Well, if you’re planning a large renovation project, why stop halfway?

Common renovation works

Pool renovations are available in many different forms. Below you can find a list of the most popular works the pool owners have carried out:

  • Deck refacing
  • Coping repair
  • Interior renovations
  • Including an automatic pool cover
  • Integration of water features (for example, bubblers or a waterfall)
  • Installation or removal of a slide or a springboard
  • Addition of an attached spa
  • Making a pool depth more shallow
  • Transition to saltwater system
  • Integration of different features like sun shelves or swim-up bars

Actually, there’s almost nothing you can do in a new pool installation that you can’t do in a renovation. It is possible to replace materials, include features, and even change the forms and dimensions of the pool. Surely, the more radical the transformation, the higher the price.

What’s the price of pool renovation?

With this variety of options, it’s evident that the price of a pool renovation can vary significantly. For slight changes, it can be cheap enough to pay with a credit card. On the other hand, it can cost as much as a whole new pool.

Small wonder when you think about it. A profound change is very similar to building a new pool, but with the additional cost of eliminating the old one.

Most recommendations on the installation of a new pool is also applicable when thinking of a renovation. For instance, it’s a great option to ask for quotes from several companies before deciding on the right worker. However, if you’re satisfied with the constructor who performed the initial work and have excellent relations with him/her, it is reasonable to give them extra points over the competition.

Advice on saving funds

The step one to controlling your expenses is limiting the extent of the project. This may be difficult, particularly if your constructor is making the case for additional updates. Of course, if you’re already planning on modifying your pool, you should benefit from the chance to make all the upgrades your pool requires. If your pool really requires other upgrades, this can be a quite strong argument – how, it can also increase your expenses.

Timing also plays an important role in the price of renovation. Pool builders usually have a tighter schedule in spring and summer, which is why you might be able to get more profitable conditions by considering an autumn or winter renovation when they’re in need of new work. On the other side, it may not be worth it to wait too long, since the price of materials is always increasing.

Surely, the best way to save funds is to do it with your own. In accordance with Bankrate, almost 40 % of all home replanning projects in 2020 were of the DIY kind. While building a new pool is beyond the abilities of the majority of people, smaller pool renovation projects are often do-able as long as you have the time and desire to learn. As usual, it’s essential to understand your limits. If you have to employ someone to fix a shoddy work, you’ll eventually pay much more.

The price of NOT upgrading your pool

Sticker shock is a widespread problem for pool owners dealing with major repairs. If your pool is more than a decade old, you may be surprised to find out that the price of fixing it up is higher than the price of a new pool installation. The thing is, even though the pool industry was struggling in the last few years, the price of everything has increase.

However, if the cost seems too high, think about the price of leaving your pool the way it is. Firstly, your pool might not be working as effectively as it could be, causing higher monthly operating costs. Can this warrant an upgrade? Probably not by itself, but it could be an important side of the equation.

Even though it’s difficult to set its price, security is another possible problem. If your pool was constructed to lower standards, or the protection measures have just worsened over time, foregoing an update could be dangerous.

Luckily, pools usually don’t destroy for a night. You’ll definitely begin to think about a change long before you require it. This allows you to save time and money and think pf sensible plans, understanding that renovation is unavoidable.