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The price of a pool leak

The price of a pool leak

Leak is definitely the most treacherous problem that can happen to your pool. It may be difficult to detect, and even more difficult to defeat. But if left untreated, it can jeopardize your pool’s structure, leading to severe damage. The price of a pool leak.

However, as an existing or would-be pool owner, you shouldn’t worry too much about possible pool leaks. The majority of them is insignificant and cheap repair. Although ask a pool leak specialist for help is always a good idea, it may not be necessary – at first, try to solve this small problem on your own.

How to detect leaks?

Pools are continuously losing water – mainly by evaporation, but also because of splashing and many other reasons. At times, it may be difficult to determine whether a reduction in water level is as a result of evaporation or a leak.

Luckily, there’s an easy test. This time-tested way to repeal a pool leak includes setting a bucket filled with water in or near the pool for a day, and then comparing the water level in each of them. If the water level in the pool has decrease more than the water level in the bucket, this is definitely a pool leak.

The price of a pool leak. Having ascertained that you deal with a leak, you can contact an expert to determine the source or try to find it on your own. A pool leak specialist can generally determine the problem within a couple of hours, but it will cost you approximately $300.

However, before calling in an expert, you should devote at least half an hour to screen the pool facilities and fixtures. The issue may be evident and simple to solve on your own.

Leak repair

There are different types of pool leaks, which makes it difficult to draw any conclusion regarding the volume (and price) of repairs. The magnitude of the issue depends completely on the type and severity of leak. Below you can find a few main types of leaks pool owners usually deal with:

Structural leaks. The majority of structural leaks are simply small cracks in the wall of the pool. If you contact an expert to detect the leak, he/she will probably solve the issue in situ without draining the pool. However, you can easily do it on your own with the help of pool sealant that can be purchased on the Internet.

Plumbing leaks. Leaks in the suction and discharge lines can be harder to detect, and more expensive to repair. If you’re not a plumbing specialist, you probably have to contact an expert and get information about the price of repairs. Actually, you should probably ask for several quotes, particularly if the first one is too expensive.

Equipment leaks. In case of problems with equipment, it’s many either a small issue that can be easily patched up, or something that requires replacement of the failing equipment.

The sooner you detect the leak, the less the repairs will cost you.

When it becomes too expensive

In case of a severe pool leak, high water bills should be the least of your worries. All this water must go somewhere, which can reflect badly on your pool shell, your pool deck, your property, and probably even the house next door. Even minor leaks can lead to significant problems if left untreated.

Another feature of pool leaks is that they indicate that a pool requires renovation. Surely, it’s crucial to solve the leak issues in the shortest possible term. But if your pool is quite old, you should think of an overhaul. Pool repairs is expensive, but so is resolving the acute problems.

To summarize, you don’t have to panic over pool leaks – it’s a widespread problem, which is generally pretty manageable. However, it’s essential to take care of your pool, monitor the water level, and be read to take measure if problems occur. Being careful, you can prevent many of the pool leak issues before they get serious.


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  1. Thanks for listing the estimated cost of a pool leak repair. After I noticed the other day that it takes about hours to fill in the pool, I suppose there’s been a problem with it but I’m not sure what ti is, which is why I’d like to hire a leak detection company. I had no idea that there are different types of pool leaks, and simple detection would cost about $300. Hopefully, I can find a reliable contractor who is qualified to operate here in town.

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