The main rules of swimming pool design

It is very difficult to create the design of swimming pool on your own. There are a lot of nuances, which must be considered, developing the project. The building of this object is quite expensive, so you should think things over at the design stage.

Starting to develop the pool interior design, you must solve the following questions:

  1. Its location in the house.
    Of course, you won’t build the pool on the second floor. But it is also unadvisable to locate it in the basement, where the billiard-table stays.
  2. The purpose of pool.
    First of all, you should determine who the pool is being built for: children, adults or both.
  3. Size and form.

The pool bowl can be of any size. It depends only on the owner’s requirements. The length of home swimming pool is usually 7-10 m, and its width equals to the half of length. The depth of pool is approximately 1.4 m. Of course, the kids’ pools are smaller.

The style of accommodation

It is the designers’ task to combine the functionality of swimming pool and the taste preferences of all family members in one accommodation.

Nowadays the Roman style is fashionable. The “high-tech” style is also very popular. It includes bright and provoking colors, telling not only about the material well-being of the house owner, but also about his/her rich inner world. The prevailing shades in the pool design are light and transparent. The wall paintings and other decorative elements must create a single artistic image, blending with each other.

The choice of finishing materials

The building of swimming pool changes the whole house design, as there must be changing room, exercise room and bathroom nearby. The designers often develop the design of pool combined with the sauna.

The building of separate room for swimming pool requires a lot of material expenses. But they are generously repaid in respect of health and impressions. Besides, you can equip the outhouse with a small health complex, composed of the exercise room, sauna, steam shower cabin and winter garden. Here you can also locate a solarium and a massage table.

swimming pool design
swimming pool design

The use of marine themes in the pool design is the favorite method of many designers. The pictures of fishes, dolphins and corals and other inhabitants of sea depth are often used for the wall-painting. But the designers’ imagination doesn’t restrict to this- anchor, steering wheel, sail and other elements of boat and yacht decoration also blend perfectly with the interior.