The main advantages of Intex swimming pools

For many years the company “Intex” holds its leader’s position among the other manufacturers of leisure products. The Intex swimming pools products are mostly made of high-strength PVC film. The whole production is certificated and tested for strength and presence of defects on the factory floor. The products of this company are intended for leisure/rest at home or in the country.

There are two kinds of “Intex” swimming-pools: the frame swimming-pools and the tanker ones. The tanker pools are easier to use but less durable than the frame ones. The frame collapsible swimming-pools are more durable but also more expensive. If you want to have a reliable pool, it is better to buy the frame swimming-pool. After all, even after it’ll serve its term, you can replace its bowl or pipes (or any other detail in need of repair).

There are two kinds of frame Intex swimming pools: round and rectangular. Their construction consists of the frame and the cloth (bowl). Its installation is easy and takes from 30 min. to 2 hours. You only have to establish the basic construction and cover it with the cloth during the installation.

Intex Above Ground Pools

The frame Intex pools have the following advantages:

  1. they are more durable;
  2. they are repairable, as every component part can be bought separately.

The tanker swimming-pools look like an inflatable ring from the top and the large bowl, filled with water, from the bottom. They acquire their form due to the water pouring through the ring, situated at the top of the pool. And as ring itself needs to be inflated, the tanker swimming pools “Intex” are also called inflatable pools.

Intex Pool
Intex Pool

Intex Pool