The installation of above ground pool

Many people dream to splash in the pleasing water, under their own roof. There is nothing more pleasant than to dive into the blue deep and feel the relaxing and cooling effect of water-courses. The installation of above ground pool.

Own swimming-pool! It sounds like a pipe-dream! Can it even be realized? Due to the new technologies, almost every person of moderate means has a possibility to build a pool.

There are all necessary building materials on sale: hydraulic insulating material, pipes, pumps, concrete, metal insert, wood, etc. And the space around the pool can be beautifully decorated with the decorative stones, statues and container plants.

How to choose the above ground pools

According to the kind of portable pool, the above ground pools are divided into: concrete, polyester, metal and inflatable.

Concrete pools

The concrete pools are made of concrete block. Later on, the pool can be decorated with ceramic tile or mosaics. The concrete pools are expensive solutions, taking a lot of time for its building. Such products can be of different forms and size.

Polyester pools

The polyester pools are cheaper than the concrete ones. In addition, their mounting takes only a few hours. As a rule, the ready-made pool reservoir is made industrially.
They can have different forms and colors and are often equipped with comfortable seat and wide staircase. The polyester pools are quite easy operating.

Metal pools

The metal frame pools are made of galvanized steel. Mostly they have round or oval shape. They are lighter than the concrete pools. Their cleaning doesn’t take much time, as their surface is extremely smooth.

Inflatable pools

Despite the general notion, the inflatable pools can be large enough. Nowadays, it is certainly the cheapest option for your garden. Because of its moderate depth (usually, several tens of cm), they are quite safe for children. The main advantage of the inflatable pools is that you can fill it in a few minutes.

The above ground (surface) pool is the fastest and the cheapest option of the private pool. Its installation doesn’t require any special skills. Another advantage of this pool is that you can locate it in any place of your garden. Moreover, you won’t have to pay extra for the purchase of filters, pumps and cleaning equipment. Installation of above ground pool.

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