The cost of above ground pool

The cost of above ground pool

Above ground pools have many advantages over inground models; however, the most pool owners are interested in is price. As well as with inground pools, above ground pool costs differ greatly. Nevertheless, since there are fewer regional disparities and installation is way easier, the price of an above ground option is much more predictable. The cost of above ground pool.

The point is an above ground pool can cost you from $100 to $1000. Everything depends on the pool dimensions, the quality of the materials and the chosen additional features.

Factors that should be taken into account

Above ground pools have made great strides. Earlier, the variety of options was restricted to several practical designs and a couple of various “standard” sizes. Nowadays, basic pools are still available, but there are also above ground options providing the majority of the features once limited to inground pools. Below you can find various factors that impact the cost of a new pool:


As well as inground pools, above ground models are available in many different sizes, with the bigger ones usually costing more.


While lots of above ground pools are still quite simple, there are also those including impressive designs – such as Doughboy Pools, for instance. If you’re dreaming of a pool that’s both functional and attractive, you’ll need to pay extra.


Brand reputation is another important factor. People are usually ready to pay extra for the inner peace provided by purchasing a pool from “Intex” or another popular brand.

Keep in mind additional expenses

The price of an above ground pool is just a part of the overall cost. As a rule, it is possible to assemble such pools with your hands, but for certain models, professional installation is advised. Even if you do it with your own hands, you may pay a huge sum for the delivery of the pool parts to your doorstep.

If you wish to turn your pool into a central element of your backyard, you should also consider paying for landscape design or even a wraparound deck. If the ladder that suits your needs is not included in the pool kit, you may need to purchase it separately. Eventually, based on local legislation and your specific circumstances, you may have to pay more for equipment necessary to protect your pool.

In addition, above ground pools involve almost the same maintenance costs as inground models. Current costs include chemical substances to protect the water from algae and electricity to maintain the functioning of your pool pump and heater. It is possible to save well by heating your pool with solar batteries or covering it when it is not used.

The cost of above ground pool
The cost of above ground pool

Weighing above ground pool costs

Although there are many things to take into account, the good thing is that shopping for an above ground pool is way easier than planning an inground pool installation. There are a restricted number of brands and models to select from, and choosing between them actually comes down to comparing value (i.e. comparing their price to the features they provide). Shop around and choose the model that has all the qualities you’re searching for at the most affordable cost.