How often should you run pool waterfall?

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Keep in mind that the more complex your design and the more falling water involved in the design, the harder it will be to maintain and keep your waterfall area clean over the long term. This tells us to run the pool waterfall at our discretion. The more often and longer the waterfall is on,

How much does it cost to add a waterfall to a pool?

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Recreation by your well-equipped pool can be very different, sometimes active and sometimes a simple relaxation after an energetic day. In this case, to fully meet the aesthetic and functional needs and give the appearance of your pool completeness, you need only one touch – the installation of a waterfall. The cost of installing a

How much is a waterfall for a pool?

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A waterfall for a pool is not only a decorative but also a functional element that provides a body massage with water jets. Water streams coming from height affect areas of the body (neck, shoulders, head) relaxing or toning: it depends on the intensity and volume of the stream. The visual effect is the second

Inground pool waterfalls rock

Inground pool waterfalls rock

Inground pool waterfalls are expensive. However, if owning a fancy and picturesque pool is one of your main priorities, you should find room in your budget. This definitely the most luxurious pool feature. In combination with some creative landscape design, a waterfall can turn an inground pool into a piece of heaven. A waterfall not