How much is a rock pool slide?

water slide for inground pool

Water trickling over rocks has long been one of man’s most alluring spectacles, especially enticing in the heat of a summer day. A small, beautifully flowing stream of water on the rocks is a charming and non-trivial decoration of the landscape of the site. If you want to make a waterfall for the house or

Pool slides: security above all

pool slides cost

Once upon a time, a springboard was actually the most unusual feature one could add to an inground pool. However, today, pool owners have a huge variety of options to select from – including lots that used to be reserved for aquatic parks and resorts. For example, inground pool slides that were once uncommon but are becoming more

Tips for the installation of the pool slide

installation of the pool slide

Pool slide installation The pool slide is a perfect complement to any private house and a great opportunity to turn your pool into water park. But make sure that the pool slide is installed properly and is safe for all users. Pool slide installation. The first step in the pool slide installation is the choice