Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

The traditional inground pool has a rectangular shape and is about twice as long as it is wide, and not without reason. It enables various water activities, goes well with most design styles, and delights the eye with its plain, long-standing beauty. It is no surprise that as regards pool shape, most clients choose the

What is the most suitable type of inground pool for you?

What is the most suitable type of inground pool for you

Installation of a pool is not an easy task. Some clients start this process with a clear understanding of what they need and a burning desire to overcome all the obstacles, while others still wonder what they should get. Unluckily, there’s no single response to this question. Any pool constructor who attempts to convince you

Can the pool prices be negotiated?

Can the pool prices be negotiated

There are lots of different ways to reduce the price of an inground swimming pool. You can choose a smaller size, purchase more cost-effective materials, do a part of the work with your own hands or come to an agreement with the pool contractor. Or can you? The issue raised at the beginning of this article is a

Fiberglass vs сoncrete inground pools: which is better?

Fiberglass vs сoncrete inground pools

There are lots of differences between fiberglass and concrete pools. They have different exterior and interior. And of course, both of them have their pros and cons. Since they have so many distinctions, there’s usually not much argument over concrete and fiberglass inground pools. Both of them have lots of enthusiastic fans, but no one can

Inground pool sizes: main points

Inground pool sizes

Before making a decision on the installation of a swimming pool, you’re probably concentrate on the main factor – size. Eventually, how can you imagine how a new swimming pool will look in your side yard without thinking on how much space it will occupy? Actually, a pool can be of any size you wish.

All you should know about semi inground pools

semi inground pools

You should know that both inground and above ground pools, you know, have their pros and cons. Inground pools are beautiful but costly. Above the ground, pools are less expensive but don’t fit into their surroundings. Fortunately, these aren’t the only two options. For most household owners, a semi inground pool provides an excellent compromise