Design your own inground pool. How to?

How to design your own inground pool?

A perfect pool begins with a perfect design. What we’re trying to say is that if you don’t have a good pool plan, you can’t expect to get a good pool in your backyard. Having an ideal plan is very important. How to design a personal inground pool? Sure, not everyone can afford an experience

How to save money on a pool?

how to save money on a pool

Most of pool owners are rather bad at assessing the long-term expenses and advantages, which is a real issue when it concerns a backyard pool. An inground pool not only demands a significant original investment, but a lot of time and funds commitment that may last for decades. No matter if you’re considering the purchase of a new

How to save money on pool maintenance?

How to save money on pool maintenance?

As we have already mentioned, the price of pool maintenance can differ significantly based on its dimensions, materials, characteristics and general design. But this is not to say that all of your maintenance costs are static as soon your pool is built. Although these essential factors form the basis of your monthly servicing bill, there

How to build a pool suitable for everyone?

How to build a pool suitable for everyone

Who doesn’t like pools? However, it is not safe and easy-to-use for everybody (at least, not without some help). This has probably come to mind of any parent of small kids who has thought of installing a pool in view of the horrible drowning statistics that are released annually. The same applies to lots of

How to use Houzz for installing an ideal backyard pool?

How to use Houzz

When it concerns property design and improvement, one page prevails. Since its emergence in the end of 2010s, has increased in popularity year by year and now includes almost 2.000.000 pictures of everything related to design (including pools). Houzz represent a site, which permits design experts to demonstrate their best projects with the help

How long do you need to build a pool?

How long do you need to build a pool

Of course, every would-be pool owner dreams of swimming in his/her new pool as early as possible (while his/her side yard must be a building site for the shortest time possible). So, the question is: how long do you need to build a pool? Your pool constructor is the right person to respond to that

How to organize a pool party?

how to organize a pool party

One of the main benefits of having a personal pool is inviting your family and friends. Eventually, swimming is more entertaining when you share it with other people. In addition, taking into account how much you’re spending on a new pool, it would be a pity to keep this to yourself. How to organize a

How to make your swimming pool really eco-friendly?

eco friendly swimming pool

When you imagine eco friendly swimming pool, you definitely think of algae issues and insanitary conditions. However, there are cases when having a green water in pool is a good sign (and even beneficial for the environment). Whether a traditional pool can be really environmentally friendly is a controversial issue. The hard truth about pools

How to understand that you’re ready to get a pool?

Questions of whether buying a pool

Actually, it comes down to whether the benefits of having a personal pool are worth the expenditure and obligations. Surely, persons differ in how they see the benefits and drawbacks of having a pool. As a consequence, there’s no universal response to this difficult questions of whether buying a pool is a great idea. Questions

How to construct the least expensive inground pools?

semi inground pools

Who doesn’t want to save money? However, when it comes to an article of luxury, looking for the lowest price isn’t irrational if it means compromising the quality. How to construct the least expensive inground pools? However, there are legal means to monitor expenditure while still obtaining a first-class addition to your house. The main