How much does a grotto slide cost?

pool slide cost

A grotto is an artificial cave that adds a unique charm to a pool. Pool grottoes can be small or large and are a great addition to a rock pool. A grotto is usually raised by waterfalls that make it look more like a natural cave. The cost depends on what is included in the

How much does a pool fountain cost?

inground vinyl pool liners

Fountains installed in swimming pools may differ in size, have a special shape, and have different widths of the nozzle, which is responsible for the size of the water flow. Waterfalls and fountains can have a dome-shaped design, which distributes an even flow of water. Also, these devices can have a cannon design, thanks to

How much does it cost to add a water feature to a pool?

pool liners and coping strips

If you add a water feature to a pool, you will give your loved ones some extra joy and relaxation, and you will give your pool an unusual decoration. Further action is directly related to the construction work – the device waterproofing with the film, paving the waterfall bowl with stone, and installing decorative elements.

How much does a sheer descent water feature cost?

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The process of a sheer descent water feature in general, and waterfalls in particular, always begins with a visit by a craftsman to take measurements. During this initial consultation, an understanding of the customer’s desires and goals, as well as the contractor’s methods and results, are achieved. Having clarified all points, you can move on

How much is a pool waterfall feature?

cost to install an inground pool

The price is made up of many factors. Connecting the utilities is one of the most important steps in the entire buying process. This is followed by the final cleaning of the waterfall of construction debris and the launch of the water. During the first launch, it is possible to adjust the water flow scenario,

How much does it cost to add a waterfall to a pool?

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Recreation by your well-equipped pool can be very different, sometimes active and sometimes a simple relaxation after an energetic day. In this case, to fully meet the aesthetic and functional needs and give the appearance of your pool completeness, you need only one touch – the installation of a waterfall. The cost of installing a

How much is a waterfall for a pool?

Pool Planning Checklist

A waterfall for a pool is not only a decorative but also a functional element that provides a body massage with water jets. Water streams coming from height affect areas of the body (neck, shoulders, head) relaxing or toning: it depends on the intensity and volume of the stream. The visual effect is the second