Can I add a waterfall to my pool?

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Can I add a waterfall to my pool? Yes. Waterfalls for the pool, in addition to purely aesthetic functions have a practical function and ensure smooth circulation of water and better dissolve the chemicals for its cleaning. A waterfall of any type consists of a front part, an embedded base, a water intake, a pump,

How much is a rock pool slide?

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Water trickling over rocks has long been one of man’s most alluring spectacles, especially enticing in the heat of a summer day. A small, beautifully flowing stream of water on the rocks is a charming and non-trivial decoration of the landscape of the site. If you want to make a waterfall for the house or

Diving boards or diving rocks for inground pools?

Diving boards or diving rocks

Unfortunately, diving rocks aren’t as widespread as they were before. Once an essential element of backyard pools, they’ve started to fall from grace recently for security concerns and other reasons. Whether you think this poor reputation is justified or not, it’s evident that most inground pool owners are searching for alternatives. Diving boards or diving