Natural pool designs

natural pool design ideas

The average inground pool is not similar to a natural water body. Apart from the strikingly blue chlorine water, it has an unnatural shape. And surely, the area surrounding a traditional pool is usually gunite decking or uniform tile. There’s nothing wrong with a pool like this – actually, it’s what many householders look for.

3 Best inground pool designs

The plunge pool

Probably, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best pool design is the typical rectangular-shaped pool with a concrete liner. But the thing is, the number of available best inground pool designs is actually endless, and householders are increasingly preferring unusual layouts for saving space or highlighting the beauty of their

The main rules of swimming pool design

swimming pool design

It is very difficult to create the design of swimming pool on your own. There are a lot of nuances, which must be considered, developing the project. The building of this object is quite expensive, so you should think things over at the design stage. Starting to develop the pool interior design, you must solve