Small pools for small yards. Spools for small yards.

There are many reasons to select a smaller pool, but limited space is the most important of them. If you can’t boast of a great yard, it creates restrictions on the dimensions of the pool you can set up. However, it doesn’t have to restrict the awesomeness of your pool. With a bit of imagination (and, of course, money), small pools for small yards can be just as nice and functional as their bigger counterparts.

Most householders with smaller backyards refuse from the idea of purchasing a pool since they either think it will take up the whole yard, or that such a small pool will look ridiculous. Nevertheless, there are many original small pool designs that make the best use of restricted space.

A skilled pool designer can do miracles. However, prior to consulting a pro, it’s better to consider your own ideas to. Below are a few options to take into account.

1. Make one or a few edges of the pool run right up to a fence or wall

The common inground pool can be accessed from any side. This calls for a pool deck that completely encloses the pool and offer enough space for persons to walk. One can easily underestimate how much space is necessary for the common pool deck.

The great way to save space in a small yard is to build the pool directly opposite the house, a fence, etc. For the majority of persons, giving up a starting point on one or two sides of the pool is not a serious sacrifice.

2. Select a space-efficient form

Most pools have an oval or rectangular shape, but a common concrete pool can take any shape you want – including one that fits perfectly into an empty corner of your yard. Actually, nowadays even fiberglass pool inserts come in different forms, although it’s less probably that you’ll find one that you can located in a narrow space.

A freeform design adapted to the features of your yard can provide new opportunities for pool location that might not be realistic for the standard forms. Otherwise, a geometric pool might be the ideal option. Everything depends on the planning of your backyard.

3. Buy a spool

As you’ve probably guessed, spool is a construction smaller than a traditional pool but bigger than a common spa. The idea is making full use of a small space by having your pool serve various purposes.

Spools vary from most small pools for small yards in that they usually have embedded seating. A pool heater is also a must for raising the water temp to hot tub levels. A great benefit of this kind of pools is that you can maintain them open in cold season, as their small size makes them quite cheap to heat.

4. Fit your pool for swimming in place

Many persons get a pool for the workout goals, but honestly, even traditional backyard pools can be difficult to swim in. In case of spools, the perspective of swimming might look like a joke. However, it is also possible to make even the smallest pool suitable for swimming.

A good option is to set up water jets that create a current you can swim against (or simply buy a swim spa that has this function integrated). Otherwise, you can buy a rope system that retains you in place while you swim. Those are just two of the more popular ideas – if you’re interested in exercise, make sure you consider the options, so your new pool is adapted to your goals.

5. Include naturalistic design elements

In case of smaller inground pools, a natural “swimming hole” usually does miracles. Using a freeform shape that fits the contours of your little yard is one option. Another option is to encircle it with plants, stones, or other landscape design elements to create a more savage appearance.

To add a really chic element, you can include a waterfall at one side of the pool. This kind of function is perfect for covering one side of the pool if there’s no room for a deck.

What is the price of this?

A lot of the functions mentioned here are inexpensive but consider how much you can save by buying small pools for small yards. Under equal conditions, a small pool is way cheaper to install and keep than a big one. Eventually, it requires for less material, less working force and reduced monthly operating costs.

To make a spool just as attractive as a traditional pool, think of “re-investing” a part of the budget saved into additional functions. Such luxury touches will not only compensate for the smaller size but might every make it look like an advantage.