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Size and price of a lap pool

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For most persons, pools are primarily for recreation – laying in the sun by the pool, playing with children and amusing your family and friends. However, for the rest, pools are actually for swimming. If you’re going to use the pool for its designated purpose, you will be happy to have your own lap pool that approaches the size of a real swimming lane.

Many pool owners wonder what the proper lap pool size is.

Size of a lap pool

The majority of pools use for competitive swimming in the US are 75 feet long, which is longer than most persons can afford. Nevertheless, most customers believe that anything that’s about 50 feet long is suitable for doing laps without feeling like cramped. However, if you have enough space and money to install a bigger pool, it’s even better.

An optimal lap pool design has to be long and deep enough to feel comfortable when swimming.

Width of such pool must be about 10 feet, if you prefer swimming on your own.

Eventually, the pool must have sufficient depth not to touch the bottom. Consider at least 4 feet.

Thus, lap pool dimensions must be as follows:

Length55-60 feet
Width10 feet
Depth4 feet (at least)

The price of lap pool

As in the case of inground pool price, it’s difficult to provide a reasonable price range for lap pools. The chosen builder, materials, and area where you reside will have a significant influence on the final cost.

In short, there are lots of variables in building a lap pool as any other type of pool. Think of some of the other pool options, and you can create original combinations like above ground or fiberglass lap pools. If you have enough space and funds, you can consider installing an indoor lap pool for enjoying swimming all the year round.

The precise lap pool size is also essential in defining the price. Although it might not seem so important, adding a couple of foots to the depth or width of the pool adds significantly to its total area because the elongated form. A bigger size means additional materials, extra labor, and eventually a higher price.

As well as with any other kind of pool, it’s a great idea to ask for the quotes from various pool contractors before deciding on the dashed line. You should know that the quotes may be very different. Try to find a builder who not only provides value but is experienced in the construction of such pools (don’t be afraid to request references).


If you can’t accommodate (or afford) a lap pool, don’t worry – there are many other options for the persons who dream of swimming at home.

The most popular substitute for a lap pool is a swim spa. They actually represent big hot tubs that include water jets to generate a constant current, which makes it possible to swim in place or do other aquatic workouts. The benefit of swim spas is that they are more compact and less expensive than inground pools (however, they aren’t cheap at all).

It is obvious that a backyard pool of a traditional size is not the best replacement for a lap pool. For most customers, they’re too tight for a high-quality exercise. In this, you can install a traditional pool of any dimensions with water jets that permit you to swim in place, just like you would in a swim spa. An easier and more cost-effective solution is to set up a rope system that retains the person in place.

No matter which kind of exercise pool you’re going to buy, make sure to consider every option. Taking into account the expenses involved, it is reasonable to continue searching until you find a perfect pool for you. Eventually, this is something you’ll probably use for so many years.


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