Pools ideas Articles Should you buy a sun shelf?

Should you buy a sun shelf?

Should you buy a sun shelf

Some swimming pool tendencies disappear after several years, while others are so attractive that they turn into a pillar in the backyard pool design. Time will show, but the sun shelf seems fall within the “mainstay” category.

Baja shelf is also referred to as tanning shelf, tanning ledge, etc. Regardless of the name, this is a shallow area of the swimming pool where children can have fun, and adults can rest and lounge. Usually, this well-known function is included into the pool steps, efficiently functioning as a second step down into the main pool.

Apart from their common usefulness, sun shelves tend to look great. If you use mosaic, illumination, and water features creatively, you can turn a sun shelf into the luxury key element of your pool.

But surely, sun shelves are expensive (as regards both space and money). In spite of the evident benefits and significant publicity, they’re not for everyone. Eventually, it’s up to you to make a decision on whether this function is reasonable for your pool.

Shelf options

The main reason why sun shelves are so widespread is that they can fit into almost any pool design. The form can be adapted to any shape and style of your pool. And, although space is a problem, they take up much less space than beach entries, which provide almost the same advantages.

However, if you’re considering a fiberglass pool, you will be restricted to the options proposed by the shell manufacturers. Moreover, if you’re considering a vinyl pool, a ledge may not be realistic for different reasons. If a sun shelf is one of your must-have functions, the perfect option is a custom gunite pool.

Sun shelves usually have bubblers to make wading better. Another widespread function is a built-in umbrella sleeve, permitting you to insert a pool umbrella whenever you wish shade. Eventually, the shelf is a superior location to integrate any particular lighting or tiling to improve your swimming pool.

Is it worth the price?

Actually, a sun shelf doesn’t significantly increase the price of a pool, particularly if pool steps are already in the mixture. Sure, if you’re including additional features such as bubblers, or increasing the dimensions of your pool to locate a sun shelf, it’s different. Likewise, renovating your old pool to include a sun shelf is definitely a large project with a high price.

Irrespective of the cost, take into account the fact that a sun shelf could help you enjoy your pool more. It permits you to lounge in the water without the need for changing into your swimsuit. And in the seasons when the deeper water is rather cool, the warmer shallow end can stay in action.

Surely, if you have young kids, a sun shelf also provides them with a secure place for playing. If you add an umbrella sleeve, this playing field can easily be protected from the sun. Eventually, in contrast to other children’s water features such as spray pools, a sun shelf blends perfectly with your pool environment.

When making a decision on whether to buy a sun shelf, you should concentrate on how you’re going to use your pool. If exercise and swimming are what you like, you may be reluctant to sacrifice the space. However, if you prefer sunbathing, a sun shelf could be the perfect option for you.

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