Salt water pool

Unfortunately, we cannot always allow time and money for the trip to the sea. But this problem can be solved by building a swimming pool with sea water, which has beneficial effects on health. The realization is a good alternative: your own sea near the house. In salt water pool there are needed for us substances: zinc, iodine, manganese, phosphorus and copper. Sea water supports the renewal of the blood and stimulates the organs functions, helps to rejuvenate.

Hypochlorous acid promotes the oxidation and destruction of bacteria and kills viruses. Recommended concentration of salt in the pool is 3-4 g / l. which is 9 times less than in seawater. To achieve the desired concentration about 5 kg per cubic meter or 1000 liters must be dissolved in the water. Thus, the salt is needed only for production of chlorine during the reaction occurring in the electrolysis cell.

Chloramines, which create a sense of smell of bleach, are destroyed as they pass around the electrodes and produce chlorine, which will be used again. The electrolysis cell is installed in the water treatment pool system of water after the nitration unit and water heating. It is controlled by a microprocessor control unit.

Treating water by means of electrolysis of water raises the pH. The electrolysis cell should be combined with a pH-regulating dosing pump, which will automatically adjust and correct the pH level of water in your “sea”.

The advantages of electrolysis cell which are described by many companies:

  • Ease of operation;
  • No transportation of chlorine;
  • No loss of disinfectant reagents qualities activity;
  • Environmental safety;
  • High reliability of bactericidal action;
  • Water is softer;
  • No irritation and dry skin;
  • Automatic cleaning of the electrodes;
  • There is no smell of chlorine.

Despite a number of ‘sea water’ advantages, there are some nuances: pumps and water treatment embedded details must be made of bronze, and heat exchangers of titanium. This significantly increases the cost of a sea water swimming pool construction. Also, be aware that at the flow cell installing (salt is dosed into the water) there is no possibility to use alternative treatments, it is necessary to adjust the concentration of salt in the manual mode.

In the case of using the electrolytic with salt backfill therein there should be mentioned that the cost of such installations is higher than the cost of the complex – automatic station based on chlorine and ultraviolet unit which reduces the concentration of chlorine to the minimum doses makes crystal clear water, and it does not irritate the skin and does not smell chlorine. So it is necessary to weigh all the “pros” and “cons” while choosing a pool with sea water!

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