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Prefabricated Pools

Prefabricated Pools

We all know that pool installation is a burdensome project that takes hundreds of working hours and puts your backyard offside for many months. Or maybe not. Constructing a prefabricated pools isn’t as complex as constructing one in situ. No matter if you’re going to do it with your own hands or just do it quicker, pre-made pools provide all the simplicity you require to make it work.

Surely, prefabricated inground pools also have their drawbacks. Mostly, they just don’t offer you all the functions and configurations you might require constructing the pool of your dreams. However, if you’re okay with a lack of control over every single aspect of your pool, we can definitely advise you this approach.

Fiberglass prefabricated pools

For many persons, prefabricated pool is associated with fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pool shells are delivered untouched from the manufacturer to your doorstep, where they are usually raised to your backyard by means of a crane. In comparison with gunite pool installation, there’s not much for pool contractors to do in place. That’s why such pools can usually be completed within a few days.

As such pool shells are shipped by the truckload, there are specific size restrictions. In addition, the number of existing shapes is huge, but not unlimited. If you dream of a really big or non-standard pool, concrete is the best option.

For the rest, you don’t sacrifice much by choosing fiberglass pools. Some persons dislike the smooth touch of their surface, but others choose it over gunite or vinyl. Such pools are usually solid and simple to maintain as well, with the only exception – they can crack under specific conditions. Considering all the benefits, it’s not surprising that fiberglass pools are one of the most costly options available.

Inground pool kits

Inground pool kits provide a different kind of prefabrication. At a comparatively low cost, they include everything necessary to install a pool with your own hands. Another option is to employ a laborer to do it for you, avoiding the cost of an experienced pool contractor.

Pool kits are usually provided with detailed documentation and 24/7 telephone support to walk you through the installation. Although no one should undervalue the work associated with assembling all the pieces of the kit, it’s way simpler than traditional pool installations. Such pool can generally be finished within seven days.

Pool kits can’t provide you with all the features you would have with a gunite pool, although certain companies actually allow you to somehow configure your kit. You have only a small number of choices for pool form, and overall, you can’t take all the small decisions that are associated with designing a pool (which represents a big advantage for many people). Almost all pool kits contain vinyl liners, but some of them are also available with a fiberglass shell.

Don’t make any rash decisions

Even though it would be good to get your pool installed fast, it’s wrong to jump to conclusions when carrying out your planning and preparation. Before choosing the type of inground pool, you should do extensive research and make sure that’s what you really need. Besides, make sure you can deal with the landscape design, fencing and any other extra features you’re going to require. But most importantly, take your time to choose the optimal services and builders to help you do the work properly.

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