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Pool slides: security above all

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Once upon a time, a springboard was actually the most unusual feature one could add to an inground pool. However, today, pool owners have a huge variety of options to select from – including lots that used to be reserved for aquatic parks and resorts. For example, inground pool slides that were once uncommon but are becoming more and more widespread in the backyards of the common pool owners. For most persons – particularly those who have kids – a pool slide has turned into an obligatory feature for any backyard pool.

There’s a drawback, however. As is the case with diving boards, there are security issues related to the pool slides. There’s a risk pf falling from the top of the ladder or sliding off the edge. Inflatable slides pose extra risks, because they can deflate, potentially leading to severe trauma.

Although security is a major concern, another drawback of the pool slides is their cost. The price of a good slide made of fiberglass can reach thousands of bucks. Moreover, owning a slide can enhance your insurance expanses because of the increased risk of accidents. Eventually, to install a slide, you may require a larger pool than you would imagine (which of course, will cost you a pretty penny).


If you’re searching for an inground pool slide, it’s crucial to provide security first. Rather than looking for the best pool slide you can buy, concentrate on finding the safest option available. Some security installations to search for are:

  • An enclosed slide/ladder
  • Non-slippery rails and ladder steps
  • Solid structure

When buying a pool slide, you should also think of setting up alarms on any doors that lead to the pool area in order to know when you have an unexpected guest before they approach the slide. Moreover, when choosing the location for the slide, you should think about placing it somewhere, it can be easily seen from your property. But most importantly, don’t allow kids to use the slide unattended. Although there are lots of products intended to protect your pool, the best protection from accidents is usually a good judgment and parental supervision.

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