Pool safety equipment

A rate from your local pool builder may include a lot of various charges that go into installing an inground pool, but you may be surprised to find out what it doesn’t involve. Although they are not technically part of the price of swimming pool installation, security installations are a must – and in the majority of regions, they’re even stipulated by law. While budgeting for an inground pool, don’t forget about money for any pool security installations that isn’t included in the construction cost. What is the best pool safety equipment?

When it concerns maintaining your pool safe, your main task is to make sure that kids don’t have access to your pool when they aren’t supervised. Luckily, there are lots of pool security products developed specifically for that purpose. Although most of them are expensive, pool safety justifies such cost.

Pool enclosures

In the majority of regions, the law obliges you to enclose your pool with a fence of a specific minimum height. Unless you reside in a very remote region, building a fence is something you’ll have to do anyway. You may have read the statistics on how many kids drown in the pools every year. Fencing is the most efficient way to make sure that your pool doesn’t contribute to these statistics.

Some pool fences cost a fortune, but the others don’t. It is easy to find a cheap temporary pool fence that can be used only during the bathing season.

Pool alarms

There are a few different types of inground pool alarms; however, all of them have the same purpose common- to warn you of the breach in the pool security. A good option is a system, which measures water disturbance, raising the alarm when someone has unexpectedly fallen into the pool. In addition, there are alarms that can be connected to a doorway or fence gate, warning you when a person approaches the water.

Pool alarms are comparatively cheap. Usually, their price doesn’t exceed $200.

Safety pool covers

Another effective way to ensure the safety of your pool safe is to keep it covered when it isn’t used. A safety pool cover is a final defensive line that prevents people from falling into the water even if they approach the edge of the pool. They should be differentiated from other varieties of pool covers intended to maintain your pool warm and protect it from the garbage. Safety pool covers are specifically developed to bear the weight of kids and animals.

Because of the solid materials they’re made of, safety pool covers can be very costly. Their price usually reaches at least several hundred dollars.

Mixing various types of pool safety equipment

For extra security, you should combine pool security installation to provide multiple safety layers. Each pool must have a fence to discourage kids from even trying to get closer to the pool. Nevertheless, installing a pool alarm (together with a safety pool cover or a water disturbance alarm) makes it that much more secure.

Surely, there is no better security measure than a good sense and adult supervision. Watching over your pool, particularly when there are kids or animals around, is the best way to avoid an accident.


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