Pools ideas Articles Pool lighting options: the best ideas

Pool lighting options: the best ideas

pool lights for inground pools

Looking for the most suitable lighting for your inground pool? As with almost any other element of pool design, recently, the number of pool lighting options has increased significantly – mainly due to the emerging technologies and consumption demand for more “resort-style” functions.

For the common pool user, conventional incandescent lighting is the best option thanks to the relatively small price of installation. However, if you wish to add some chic to their poolscape, LED lighting has turned into the fashionable choice. As usual, it is all dependent on your purposes, the surroundings you’re dealing with, and of course, your budget.

To begin with, below is a wide range of pool lighting facts, advices and ideas to take into account:

1. LED lighting is hot

Although they’re more costly than filament lamps, LED lights are one of the most affordable methods of adding a bit of serious style to your pool. It is possible to find LED lights of any color, or even change colors if you want. Apart from their amazing appearance, there’s also a practical reason to opt for LED lighting – it is more energy-saving than conventional lighting, helping you save quite a bit.

2. Keep the pool environment in mind

This is normal to focus on underwater illumination first, but as regards security and aesthetic qualities, the area surrounding the pool isn’t less significant. Given this, think of including soft lighting around the deck, sidewalks, and landscape design elements. Apart from transforming your side yard into a nocturnal attraction, the strategic utilization of lights makes it easier to move in this area.

3. Take into account the color of your pool tile

The same pool lights can have a very different impact based on the background. Keep in mind that lighter surfaces usually reflect light, and darker ones absorb it. Nevertheless, things become much more difficult when you speak of the various color options available with fiber optic and LED lighting. To get a clear idea, search for samples of pool lighting options already installed on swimming pools with analogous tile.

4. Choose extra diffusion

Normally, soft lighting coming from different sources is more appealing than harsh lighting coming from fewer sources. Even if you’re choosing conventional filament lamps, think of setting up several lights in the water to create a nicer look. Outside of the swimming pool, resort to soft lighting spaced out around the poolscape.

5. Add solar lights

Solar lighting represents a welcome addition to virtually any backyard, but they actually shine when included into a poolscape. It is possible to utilize them in order to light the sidewalks, provide decorative touch, or even illuminate the surface of your pool. Solar lighting is available in different performance, and may not be bright or robust enough to obviate the need for electrical lights around your pool. Nevertheless, they’re perfect for addressing the gaps and adding the final touches to your nocturne pool environment.

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