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Pool covers

Pool covers

The best way to maintain the cleanliness and comfort in the pool will be the purchase of pool covers.

Manufacturers offer these types of coverings as pavilions for pools, trampoline cover for the pool, solar coating and roll-down coverings, have original look that functionally complement any type of pool.

In case you are looking for a more economical option for covers frameless trampoline are offered. The latest manufacturing technologies are used in their producing.

Frameless winter covers for the pool are practical trampoline pool covers, ensuring maximum water resistance.

Winter cover for swimming pools are made with durable polypropylene bolting cloth, withstand a load of 150 kg / cm. Winter covers for swimming pools are environmentally friendly and chemically resistant. Due to the characteristics of high-quality materials, winter coverings for swimming pools have antibacterial, antifungal and light stabilization properties.

Winter cover for swimming pools are made taking into account the sizes and shapes of the pool, as well as a proper installation and placement of the pool.

Also, while selecting a trampoline cover you should consider the presence of additional equipment, such as climbers, waterfalls, slides, etc.

This type for swimming pools are practical and easy to use, easy at the maintaining, so with this covering water in the pool would be always clean and fresh.

Winter covers are mounted directly above the water surface by means of special fasteners, making the pool virtually invisible.
Roll-down shutters for the pool are affordable, economically advantageous, reliable covers for the pool. Roll-down coverings for the pool are composed of interconnected slats and the motor is connected to the shaft.

Roll-down lamellas are wound on the shaft and unwound, spreading around the perimeter of the pool. Roll-down shutters for the pool are made of plastic, PVC or polycarbonate material. The drive unit is mounted inside or on the side of the shaft, so apparently roll-down covering for the pool is quite simple and small. Also on demand the manufacturer can hide the shaft by means of additional elements.

Roll-down shutters for the pool can be powered by electricity or solar collector. Solar-powered roll-down coverings operate through the accumulation of solar energy, so that it can be opened and closed more than sixty times.

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