Perfect swimming pools for cold climates

The harsh reality is that northern climates provide fewer warm days that are suitable for swimming. Therefore, most residents of the north consider a backyard pool as an unreasonable investment, period. However, some northerners are not deterred by this fact. Swimming pools for cold climates.

Actually, there are lots of happy pool owners in the north of the US and other countries with a cold climate. Some are ready to use their pools for just several months annually, while the rest customize their pools to prolong the bathing season. The perfect pools for cold climates combine good design and the appropriate extra features.

Constructing a pool for cold climates

If you live in the northern area, building a pool should begin with thorough planning. Your purpose must be to construct a pool, which 1) resists cold weather; 2) allows you to get the most out of your pool even when conditions aren’t suitable for bathing.

Certainly, price always matters. As you can use the pool much, you should consider a lower investment. Another reason to choose a more cost-effective pool is the risk that you won’t recoup your investment in case of moving if prospective customers in your region don’t want to overpay for a pool. Make sure to install a pool that corresponds to the style and size of your property.

Top pools for the cold climate
Variety of poolAdvantage
Above ground poolLower investment
Small poolLess expensive to construct and heat
Concrete poolResists cold climate
Indoor poolMakes it possible to enjoy swimming in any season

What do you do with a pool in the winter?

If you’re ready to use your swimming pool only for a short time every year, an above ground pool is the most suitable option. However, you should know that it won’t increase your home value. Nevertheless, the original cost is relatively low, and in contrast to the other options, it’s not difficult to remove if you’re not happy with it.

Meanwhile, indoor pools are rather expensive. We’ve already mentioned their advantages and disadvantages, but the principal obstacle for most customers is the huge expense of building such a pool. The largest part of that price are the repairs require to build a pool into your house.

Laying a roof over your pool is the safest (and most costly) way to trap heat.

As regards construction materials, concrete is a secure choice given that it’s installed properly. Vinyl is another great option; moreover, it is also a cost-effective choice if you’re want to cut the costs. We can’t claim that fiberglass is a good choice since there is a fear of the shells popping up because of freezing.

If you choose a full-scale outdoor pool, it is reasonable to include a spa. As it has the same filtration and plumbing as the pool, you will probably obtain a discount when purchasing a pool. Moreover, in this case, the pool will be useful even during the cold winter days.

Top features for the northern climate

Extra functions help you get the most out of your pool if you reside in a cold climate. Clearly, purchasing a high-quality pool heater can prolong the bathing season. There are many other features able to increase the swimming season or make it more accessible to maintain the work of the heater.

Solar pool coverAllows the prevent loss of heat
GreeneryProtects pool from the wind and dry leaves
Winter pool coverPrevents wear and tear in winter season
Pool automationProvides more control over energy consumption
Automatic pool coverIt has the same advantages as a common pool cover and is very convenient to use
Pool heaterProlongs bathing season
EnclosureAllows you to swim when weather is bad

Protection from the wind is an easy thing you can do to get the most out of a northern pool. It makes cold air temperatures more bearable for its users.

Evergreen plants aren’t just good for ensuring privacy, but for protecting the pool from the wind.

And finally, your purpose must not be to just find the perfect swimming pools for cold climates; all you need is to find the best pool for you. In short, not every design solution should be caused by the weather. Your ultimate goal is to create a pool you will really enjoy.