The main advantages of Intex swimming pools

Intex swimming pools

For many years the company “Intex” holds its leader’s position among the other manufacturers of leisure products. The Intex swimming pools products are mostly made of high-strength PVC film. The whole production is certificated and tested for strength and presence of defects on the factory floor. The products of this company are intended for leisure/rest

The necessary pool care supplies

The necessary pool supplies

Pool Cleaning Tools Any pool requires care and cleaning. So, you must have at least the minimum set of pool care supplies. Write down or memorize the following information. You must necessarily have: pool net, floating dispensers, thermometers, telescopic rod, pool hose, testers and pool brush cleaner. And now about everything in greater detail The

Tips for the choice of small indoor pool

indoor pool

Splashing in your own indoor pool is a dream of many house owners. Let’s review the main information about this kind of pool. What do you need to know before the installation of indoor pool? Building a small indoor pool in the house is a quite extravagant and daring solution. It will take a lot

Various kinds of pool liners

pool liners

Various kinds of pool liners. Pool lining is a very important part of work, as it performs a decorative function and determines the future look of finished construction. The following materials are used for the pool lining: natural stone; ceramic tile; mosaic (ceramic, smalto); PVC film; polypropylene. Marble and granite are usually used for the

Salt water pool

Salt water pool

Unfortunately, we cannot always allow time and money for the trip to the sea. But this problem can be solved by building a swimming pool with sea water, which has beneficial effects on health. The realization is a good alternative: your own sea near the house. In salt water pool there are needed for us

The main rules of swimming pool design

swimming pool design

It is very difficult to create the design of swimming pool on your own. There are a lot of nuances, which must be considered, developing the project. The building of this object is quite expensive, so you should think things over at the design stage. Starting to develop the pool interior design, you must solve

The installation of above ground pool

The installation of above ground pool

Many people dream to splash in the pleasing water, under their own roof. There is nothing more pleasant than to dive into the blue deep and feel the relaxing and cooling effect of water-courses. The installation of above ground pool. Own swimming-pool! It sounds like a pipe-dream! Can it even be realized? Due to the