The price of an indoor pool

The price of an indoor pool

For most householders, the greatest obstacle to buying a pool is the nasty feeling that they just won’t get the most out of it. Regardless of your budget, you can’t change the weather. The only way to ensure that you’ll be able to swim for a whole year, whatever the weather, is to build your

What is an inground swim spa?

inground swim spa

Swimming is both healthy and entertaining. However, not every person has enough space for a real pool, and most above ground models aren’t long enough for making exercises anyway. Perhaps that’s why space-efficient swim spas are increasing in popularity. For a smaller option, you can purchase an inground swim spa (however, you’ll have to shell

Benefits and drawbacks of salt water hot tubs

salt water hot tub

Most jacuzzi owners dream of a chemical-free cleaning method for their pools. Moreover, it shouldn’t have a bad smell or cause any skin reactions. Benefits and drawbacks of salt water hot tubs. The same applies to the swimming pools. In this field, the market for chlorine alternatives is flourishing. The solution most people choose to

Looking for shortcuts? Dive into a fiberglass plunge pool

fiberglass plunge pool

What’s prevents you from purchasing a fiberglass plunge pool? For some householders, it’s a huge variety number of solutions, from choosing a pool design to searching for a contractor. For the rest, it’s the idea of working with pool chemicals and continuous maintenance. Eventually, there’s the final obstacle– cost. Similar preoccupations are the main reason

How to choose a pool fence?

How to choose a pool fence

Getting a fencing is a simple task– actually, it may be required by the local legislation. However, what type of fencing is the best for you? That’s a more difficult issue. How to choose a pool fence? As with any element of pool design, there is a wide variety options and not a single clear

Main advantages of kidney shaped pools

kidney shaped pools

Pool design tendencies are transient. However, some of them come to stay. Let us recall, for example, the famous kidney shaped pools. This kind of pool become famous in the 1940s, dominated the pool landscape design over decades, and continues to be popular. Let’s assume, kidney shaped pools aren’t as common as they were before.

Residential indoor pools: main information

indoor pools

Indoor pools are extremely popular now. They’re quite traditional. But although there is hardly any person that hasn’t visited a residential indoor pools, only a handful of people own it. But this can’t continue. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are getting personal indoor pools as a means of ensuring year-round relaxation in comfortable, climate-controlled

Perfect pool temperature: a heated discussion

Perfect pool temperature

Some people enjoy swimming in the cool pools, while others prefer relaxing in the warm temperature. As regards pool temperature, it’s definitely a matter of taste. What is The Perfect Pool Temperature? Even the specialists can’t determine the perfect pool temperature. Most of them advise a temperature of about 80 degrees. Nevertheless, there are many

Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

The traditional inground pool has a rectangular shape and is about twice as long as it is wide, and not without reason. It enables various water activities, goes well with most design styles, and delights the eye with its plain, long-standing beauty. L-shaped pool designs. It is no surprise that as regards pool shape, most