Best adjectives to describe the perfect swimming pool designs

Best adjectives to describe the perfect swimming pool designs

Ask several pool experts what the ideal design is, and you’ll definitely get many different responses. However, all of them are right. From exquisite spools to magnificent infinity pools, concrete to fiberglass, square to free shape, there’s enough room for discussion and individual preference when it concerns pools. What is the perfect swimming pool designs?

How to quickly save for a pool

inground pool prices installed

You dream of having a pool, but don’t want to take out a huge loan to pay for it. It’s a reasonable position to take considering that pools are luxurious facilities. However, it also poses a challenge, since the price of pool construction is more than most people can afford. Saving up may look like

Is a pool worth the price?

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The benefits of having a pool are obvious. With a personal pool, you can take a dip whenever you wish, swim every day to stay fit, arrange cool pool parties, etc. However, let’s face the truth. You know, having a pool also has many drawbacks, main of which are price and routine maintenance. So, you

Beat hot water using a pool aerator

pool aerator

When it comes to the pool temperature, people generally talk about cool water and the necessity to warm it up. However, pool owners living in the hot regions can deal with the converse problem. In July or August, the water in their pools can increase to Jacuzzi temperatures – making it anything but the cool

Pool screen enclosures: what’s so special about them?

Pool screens

A pool is intended to become a shelter from the stress of daily life. Therefore, people who own the pool usually don’t tolerate inconveniences, such as extra trash or insects near the pool. Actually, to defend their backyard asylums, most of them take the apparently extreme measure to get their pools fully screened in. Pool

How to test your pool

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A pool always involves the risk of drawing undesirable guests, such as insects or wild animals. Facing critters in your swimming pool is anything but a nice experience. Unfortunately, in most cases the evidence is manifested in a carcass floating in the water. The reason is that animals usually find it way easier to get

The price of a pool leak

The price of a pool leak

Leak is definitely the most treacherous problem that can happen to your pool. It may be difficult to detect, and even more difficult to defeat. But if left untreated, it can jeopardize your pool’s structure, leading to severe damage. The price of a pool leak. However, as an existing or would-be pool owner, you shouldn’t

Let’s work on the pool ladders and steps

the pool ladders and steps

Each bathing session begins with entering the pool and finishes with getting out of it. However, the issue of how you’re planning to get in and out isn’t always the first thing that pops into your mind when considering the pool installation. But if you think about it, steps are a very important element of

Luxury pool features in your price range

Luxury pool features in your price range

How do you imagine a luxurious pool? There are divergent views in that regard, but many clients indicate such features as in-ground spas, vanishing edges and stone waterfalls. However, most pool owners can’t afford such functions. Meanwhile, luxury has nothing to do with the price. It means high quality, convenience, and most importantly, stylishness. Yes,

The price of removing an inground pool

The price of removing an inground pool

After the successful purchase of an inground swimming pool, the last thing you think of is the chance that you’ll have to remove it once. This is particularly the case you’re installing a concrete or fiberglass pool that’s built to last. The price of removing an inground pool. However, the demand for pool removal is

Best season for purchasing a pool

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Let’s say you already made a decision to purchase a pool. Now it’s time to think about planning. The most important question is, what is the best season for installing a pool? Any pool seller will tell you that now is the time to make a purchase and support it by claiming that today the

How to choose the optimal winter pool cover?

How to choose the optimal winter pool cover

When buying your first above ground pool, you definitely want to enjoy it all year round. But unfortunately, if you don’t live in a hot region, you’ll have to close it for winter. The smartest pool owners have a plan for winterizing their pool long before winter. A significant element of such plan is a