What is a grass-surround pool?

What is a grass-surround pool

What is a grass surround pool? The old saying goes that the grass is always greener on the other side. However, for some pool owners, there’s an easy solution to this issue – simply swim to the other side. We’re talking about the people who have grass around their swimming pools. A grass-surround pool is a

Roman style pool: classic and chic

Roman style pool

The Romans were pioneers in the area of pool design. Well, their community baths weren’t exactly like the contemporary pools with saltwater chlorination, spas, and springboards. But they still should still be commended for the idea of the new pool, together with the majority of its early innovations. What is a Roman style pool? The impact

A review of the most popular pool shapes

pool shapes

Pools can take virtually any form – that’s the main benefit of the pool design. Nevertheless, it can also represent a two-edged sword for indecisive persons. With an infinite variety of pool forms to select from, how to understand which one is perfect for you? What is the most popular pool shapes? Well, you can

What’s an ideal pool depth?

ideal pool depth

When you begin to plan an inground swimming pool, it’s only natural to dwell on the obvious design solutions such as form, location, and materials of the pool. However, the most significant part of the puzzle is the ideal pool depth. Although this issue may look pretty basic, it is a very difficult task. Actually,

Main information about recessed pools

Main information about recessed pools

What to do if you want to buy an inground pool but can afford only an above ground one. This is the issue many people face when they consider the purchase of their own backyard pool. As a consequence, most householders review all types of options in an effort to obtain the inground pool experience without

Fiberglass vs сoncrete inground pools: which is better?

Fiberglass vs сoncrete inground pools

There are lots of differences between fiberglass and сoncrete inground pools. They have different exterior and interior. And of course, both of them have their pros and cons. Since they have so many distinctions, there’s usually not much argument over concrete and fiberglass inground pools. Both of them have lots of enthusiastic fans, but no one

7 main characteristics of a resort-style pool

resort style pool designs

No wonder many persons dream about having a pool. It’s like owning your own private resort right behind your door. That’s particularly true in case of resort-style pool that are intended for the “staycation” experience. What’s the benefit of a resort-style pool? It’s the kind of stylish, chic, and impeccable pool you may find on

Inground pool sizes: main points

Inground pool sizes

Inground pool sizes. Before making a decision on the installation of a swimming pool, you’re probably concentrate on the main factor – size. Eventually, how can you imagine how a new swimming pool will look in your side yard without thinking on how much space it will occupy? Actually, a pool can be of any

Why people are unwilling to get a private pool (apart from price)

Why people are unwilling to get a pool

You’ve always dreamed of having a private pool. So what’s preventing you from doing this? For the majority of people, it’s the price. They are unable to afford the chic pools, pictures of which you can find on Pinterest. Meanwhile, more cost-effective options may not meet their unrealistic expectations. However, price isn’t the only reason visions

Above ground against inground pool: main differences

Above ground against inground

Above ground against inground pool. Every potential question pool owner will have to answer this question. In accordance with the recent research, there are almost 3.500.000 above ground pools and 5.000.000 inground pools in the US. Nevertheless, the market of the first has developed more rapidly in the last years. In general, so many men,