Outdoor pool showers: there are no limits

For most householders, the thought of an outdoor pool showers might look like squandering.

However, different pool owners have different views. For some, an outdoor shower is a very convenient thing, permitting persons to take a fast shower before and after swimming. Although having a fancy outdoor shower definitely attracts many pool owners, there are many other options. If you only care about the practical advantages, you can build a simple version with a bit more than a sprayer and a garden hose.

Kinds of outdoor pool showers

As well as pools, pool showers are available in many different shapes. They range from tricked-out to no-frills depending on such characteristics:

  • Plumbing/Heating. Actually, a pool shower must be a simple douche nozzle fixed on a wall and fed with cool water from a garden hose. The simplest method of getting warm (or a bit less cool) water is to stretch out the hose so it has enough room to heat in the sun. Nevertheless, more permanent installations are fully provided with both hot and cold water.
  • Fence. An elementary pool shower can be in the street, probably protected by a simple old curtain. Others may be located in some little structures or integrated into pool houses. The fence itself can be both no-frills and fancy. The options are infinite.
  • Extra options. An outdoor shower can be equipped with a huge range of other features, such as towel dispensers, lockers, illumination system, solar heaters, or even a standalone dressing room.


The best spot to install an outdoor shower is next to the pool or close to your home. Of course, if your pool is located near your house, the decision is easy. But if it’s not, it can make things a bit harder

Much depends on how you’re going to use your outdoor pool shower. If your only purpose is to rinse off after swimming, it is reasonable to locate it next to the swimming pool. However, if you’re planning on many different things, you should install it next to your home (or at any place that you find most convenient).

Practical issues also matter. For instance, locating the shower next to the house simplifies the process of connecting to your home’s water supply.

Realizing your ideas

An outdoor pool showers is a great option for a DIY project, based on your skills and the difficulty of the design. You can encounter articles on the web that help you go through this process. Moreover, there are outdoor shower kits providing you with the elements and instructions to install a shower even with minimal skills.

For more complex works, you’ll probably need to employ a seasoned contractor. It is preferable to include it with the original pool installation, so it fits right with your pool design. However, as regards the pool features, it’s better to postpone it.

The price of an outdoor shower can range from $1.000 to $10.000. Therefore, it’s makes no sense to discuss the cost until you realize what you’re searching for.





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