natural pool design ideas

Natural pool designs

The average inground pool is not similar to a natural water body. Apart from the strikingly blue chlorine water, it has an unnatural shape. And surely, the area surrounding a traditional pool is usually gunite decking or uniform tile. There’s nothing wrong with a pool like this – actually, it’s what many householders look for. Nevertheless, more and more people are changing for natural pool designs for something that stands out as unique while matching the environment.

In Europe, people have long chosen natural pools, which include no chemicals and use plants to maintain the water clean. However, whether you want to purchase a really natural pool, or one that still needs chlorine, there are lots of design components that can make your pool look like a natural part of the landscape.

Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds

For instance:


Surrounding your pool with big stones offers swimmers a natural surface they can step barefoot. A diving rock represents an alternative to an artificial springboard.


Inground pool waterfall is an indispensable element of a natural pool design. It looks and sounds amazing. Moreover, it contributes to the circulation of water.


Any inground pool can profit from some creative landscape design and planting. Nevertheless, a more natural pool design shouldn’t have such a well-maintained look. Fencing and other traces of civilization can be concealed with trees and plants, making you feel like you’re really in the wild.

Really natural inground pools

Really natural pools are an impressive topic per se. These swimming holes are artificial, but intended to maintain a healthy ecosystem of frogs and different forms of water plants. Actually, the plants are essential for protecting the water from algae.

A natural pool designs usually costs almost the same as a traditional pool to set up. Sure, that’s if you manage to find a pool builder who understands how to do it. Luckily, if you can do it, there are DIY guides on the web that contain a lot of the information you require.

Natural pools are particularly popular in Germany, but haven’t yet gained popularity in the US. However, due to their eco-friendliness and cool design, this can change soon.