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Main information about recessed pools

Main information about recessed pools

What to do if you want to buy an inground pool but can afford only an above ground one. This is the issue many people face when they consider the purchase of their own backyard pool. As a consequence, most householders review all types of options in an effort to obtain the inground pool experience without paying the cost of an recessed pools.

It’s even made people think whether they can just bury an above ground pool. Although creating your own cheap inground pool in this way may look like a genius maneuver, it’s definitely a bad idea for several reasons. The only exception is a recessed pool.

What does a recessed pool represent?

The recessed pool is a type of above ground pool that is specifically aimed at being buried in the ground. They’re also known as “recessed above ground pools”. However, this is an inappropriate name, as if we’re speaking of a recessed pool, the end product is almost certainly inground or semi-inground.

Simply put, this isn’t the same as taking any above ground pool and throwing it into a hole. It’s more similar to an installation of a fiberglass pool, where a prefabricated pool shell is buried and backfilled. A recessed pool is built from materials that can hold up to being buried – i.e., as long as you comply with the installation instructions offered by the manufacturer.

We should remind you that not every above ground pool can be recessed in such a way. Moreover, not every pool that can be recessed can be totally buried. Some are intended exclusively for semi-inground installation. When shopping around, you need to realize exactly what you’re messing with.

Benefits of recessed pools

The main benefit of recessed pools is (as you’ve probably guessed) price. This model is usually much more cost-effective than a similar pool made of concrete or fiberglass. That’s particularly true if you can make at least a part of the installation yourself. Meanwhile, with this kind of pool, self-installation is much more possible.

Recessed pools also have some edges over conventional above ground pools. The most apparent one is that they have that low profile look of an inground pool. Most persons prefer this to the design of an above ground pool, which can even reduce your asset value.

Recessed pools can also be integrated into a sloping yard. This is very important for the householders who have problems finding a flat piece of land for an above ground pool, as well as those who just require more placement forms.


Recessed pools are a balance between the amazing design of an inground pool and the low price of an above ground pool. Nevertheless, not everybody will be satisfied with the compromise. For a number of reasons, a traditional inground or above ground pool is usually the perfect choice.

On the one hand, above ground pools that can be recessed are still comparatively rare. Therefore, it may be difficult to find one that has a perfect form, size, and functions for you. On the other side, an inground pool made to order can take any shape you wish, and there are fiberglass shells, and above ground pools in virtually any style, you may imagine.

Moreover, while recessed pools permit you to save much on the installation, you’ll still have to do the digging. As a consequence, a recessed pool usually costs much more than a common above ground pool. You can realize that placing appealing decking around an above ground pool is a better and cheaper option than locating it underground.

We’ve discussed different types of pools in this article. However, this was just the tip of an iceberg. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

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