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Main information about pool decks for inground pools

pool decks for inground pools

If your new inground pool is going to be a piece of art, it’s will require a high-quality frame. A pool deck fulfills the task of framing your pool by complementing its look, at the same time offering a functional space for persons to walk and lay in the sun. Pool decks for inground pools are available in a huge variety of shapes. You should begin thinking about what type of deck you wish when you first start planning your pool, so that everything blends perfectly.

When planning inground pool decks, the main factors you’ll should consider are: 1) dimensions of the deck; 2) materials; 3) location and orientation. To give you some inspiration, below you can find a review of some of the major problems involved.


Needless to say, the materials used for your pool deck need to match the design of your pool. But apart from that, they have to also make your pool mingle with its surroundings. If your pool is located next to the house, the deck might run right up to the back door. In this case, your deck planning must take into account the colors, forms and materials of your property’s exterior. However, if your pool is located far from the house, your deck must help it blend smoothly into your side yard.

The most widespread materials for pool decking are gunite, brick and travertine. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, together with different pricing that could significantly affect your budget. Apart from their looks, make sure to take into account practical matters about the various options. If kids or elderly people will use your pool, you should choose anti-slip materials. If the area is highly sun-exposed, find something that doesn’t heat up excessively in the sun.


If you don’t have enough room in your backyard, your deck size options will definitely be restricted. But if you have enough space, ensure that your deck is big enough to accommodate sun beds, security installations and any other object you’ll want to have at hand.

Keep in mind the volume of traffic the pool is going to receive. You’ll require much space so that your guests can feel comfortable while walking around the pool.

Eventually, take into account the main purpose of your pool when choosing the size of your pool deck. If it is swimming, a smaller pool deck might be an excellent option. But if it is relaxation and entertainment, you’ll need a bigger pool deck – maybe even one that’s bigger that the pool itself.

However, as with pool sizing as a whole, you can overdo it when planning an inground pool deck. Of course, your pool will be an essential part of your life when new, but over time, it might “take the back seat”. Be sure to leave space in your backyard for the rest of activities you and your family like.

Location and orientation

The pool per se must get enough sun exposure. Nevertheless, your deck must have both sunny and shady areas, allowing you and your guests to feel comfortable regardless of the weather. Well, that’s an ideal option. If you don’t have enough room to work with, your options may be restricted.

For better aesthetics, you must face the most attractive object in your backyard. If you can boast of a clear view of nature, or some unusual landscape design elements you want to highlight, your deck should be oriented so that persons will usually face this direction. Otherwise, having the deck oriented toward your house may be the optimal decision.


This has been a brief review of some of the major options when it concerns pool decks for inground pools. You can find a lot more options as soon as you start doing your own research.

Luckily, you’re not alone in your search for the ideal pool deck. If you have a good pool builder, you should also ask for his/her opinion. They are experienced in pool installation, and may have some very good ideas. Of course, the final decision is up to you, but you’ll make the right choice if you find out as much information as possible and stay broad-minded.


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