Main health benefits of hot tubs and spas

All of us have probably dreamed of having personal spa at a certain point. No matter you’re going to buy a separate unit or one that’s connected to a pool, the attraction is evident. Laying in warm bubbly water is pleasant, chic and, of course, romantic. Health benefits of hot tubs and spas.

The thing is most persons don’t have to be persuaded that a hot tub is a great thing. However, if you’re not sure about getting one, there are also many health advantages of hot tubs that can encourage you to make a decision. Of course, not all information you find on the web is real, however, a part of it has ample evidence.

Health benefits of hot tubs and spas

  1. Pain control

Whether you have periodic back pain or a more severe disease (for example, fibromyalgia), laying in a hot tub can relieve your pain. Spa provides the highest pain relief advantages to the persons with arthritis or other types of joint conditions. Spending about half an hour in warm water relaxes joints and enhances flexibility, while the relief lasts for quite some time after you get out of the tub.

  1. Stress management

You don’t require lots of scientific researches to realize that spending time in a steamy spa is relaxing. A hot tub is a combination of a massage and a warm bath, which are the perfect stress relievers available. And since stress is the reason for a majority of other health issues, the advantages of a relaxing spa are increased.

  1. Diabetes therapy

According to a recent research, hot tub can help patients suffering from type 2 diabetes reduce their blood sugar level and slim down. Nevertheless, health experts call for caution. Most patients suffering from diabetes also have the nerve impingement, which can result in accidental burns. In short, consult your physician first.

  1. Insomnia treatment

As we have mentioned, hot tubs eliminate stress, which eventually can improve your sleep. However, hot tubs also enhance sleep quality more directly. Upon increasing your body temperature in the hot tub, you chill off quickly when you get out of the water. This sharp fall in temperature has been demonstrated to cause deep sleep.

  1. Cold treatment

Researches demonstrate that a heightened body temperature causes a stronger reaction from our immunity. This has triggered an assumption that laying in a hot tub could help persons recover from cold quicker. No matter if it’s true or not, the steam from it definitely allows to clear sinuses, and more importantly, a great soak will help you sleep better, which in turn accelerates recovery.

  1. Erectile dysfunction


With all the above-mentioned health advantages, buying a hot tub seems like a great choice. But unfortunately, there’s always a catch.

Firstly, the health effect of hot tubs isn’t 100% positive. You’ve probably noted that public hot tubs usually have signs indicating a lengthy list of health risk. Thus, traditional hot tub can be hazardous for persons with specific health issue (including hypertension).

Moreover, we should note that you can almost the same water therapy advantages described above by taking a warm bath. A spa has lots of other benefits, but if your only goal is health improvement, a costly hot tub is not the best option.

This leads us to the last drawback of hot tubs – price. It varies significantly based on whether we’re dealing with an inground spa, a portable above ground hot tub, or a trade-off between the two of them. However, even the price of the most cost-effective is usually very high.

Luckily, most persons with health issues can collect insurance to return a part (or even 100%) of the price of a hot tub. However, even paying the total cost can be the right thing. Think of it as an investment in health improvement and a better way of life.





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