Is it possible to get the pool for free?

Don’t you find such headlines annoying? They make an absurd statement to raise your interest, then break their promises after you read the article.

However, in our case, there’s a grain of truth in the claim that you can obtain a free pool (or at least a one with a great discount). However, as you may have guessed, there’s a hitch that will be a stumbling block for most people. However, this is no contrived trick – if anything, it’s an underused option, which is quite logical considering the financial realities of pool ownership.

But let’s get down to it. How to obtain a swimming pool free of charge? The answer is clear: purchase a property that already has one.

The cost of a pool

The main thing about this strategy is that, in comparison with other home repair works, pools are improper investments. They may add some value to the properly, but it almost never covers the total price of installation. Actually, this implies that when the house is traded, the pool is offered at a discount – or even included for free.

Surely, finding a house with a cheap pool may be difficult. It will most probably occur in one of the following cases:

  • you reside in a region where the weather is cold, and less people need pools
  • your house is in the area where luxury functions are very uncommon
  • the pool is old-fashioned, in poor condition, or requires repairs
  • it’s an above ground option

It is noteworthy that properties with pools are sold at a lower price in winter. The reason is that the pools don’t look so appealing in the off-season, and the customers aren’t thinking about summer vacation. If you’re patient, you can benefit from this fact to prevent competition and possibly get a real offer.

If moving only to obtain a pool looks like a last resort, remember that we’re talking about huge money. Installing an inground pool from the ground up will cost you at least $50.000 (based on the materials, dimensions and functions). We hope that this will make you think twice before making a decision.

However, the idea of moving is especially reasonable for:

  1. current householders who are sick of their home and want changes, and
  2. would-be pool owners who are already looking for a new house. In the above-mentioned cases, purchasing a home with an installed swimming pool can help you save significantly – let alone the labor, discomfort, and time necessary for building a pool.

Verification of free pools

However, not all people can or want to move (for whatever reason). Moreover, finances are not always conducive to moving, in spite of the tremendous savings gained by preventing pool construction.

Even if you’re ready to change your place of residence, an issue you might face is a lack of options. As indicated, pools are usually cut-price in regions where they’re less popular. Surely, being less widespread makes them more difficult to find – particularly if you’re searching for homes in a specific price category with other must-have functions.

In addition, the more specific you are about designs and functions, the less probably you are to be happy with an existing pool. If you just need any swimming pool, good luck trying to find it on the property market. You can upgrade a current pool at any moment to meet your standards, but it will hardly come cheap.

To summarize, purchasing a house with an installed pool isn’t suitable for everybody. However, taking into account the price/quality ratio of constructing a pool, it’s something that’s worth consideration. Eventually, the only thing you can lose is a huge pool construction bill.