Is it possible to find a pool builder on the web?

Nowadays, nearly everything can be found online, but what about a pool builder? A pool is a permanent feature of your property; the price of its installation is tens of thousands of dollars. That’s not a new jersey or a trinket. Pool builders near me

Still, you have to use the web to find a pool builder, since it includes valuable information, which can’t be found someplace else.

Well, it’s a smart decision to be at least a bit skeptical about using the web for this major (and costly) project. The main thing is to know where to search, and how to treat the data you encountered.

Below you can find a few of the best webpages to help you choose a reputable pool builder, together with advices on which data you should analyze, and which you may neglect.

Pool company webpages

Let’s face it: at some stage of your web search, you will end up on the official sites of pool contractors you might wish to employ. Clearly, such websites are actually booklets intended to sell you the services of the company. However, although they’re not quite impartial, such pages often contain relevant information. Below are a few things you can learn:

  • the address and contact number of the contractor;
  • whether the builder is specializing in specific kinds of pools;
  • and so on.

In this, when visiting a pool company page, it’s essential not to swell on sketchy details. A tricky site and spectacular image gallery don’t ensure they will work thoroughly on your poll (or charge a modest fee). At the same time, you shouldn’t rule out a pool firm simply because they don’t have a good page – lots of good constructors just don’t make significant investments in this area.

Better Business Bureau

Probably, many of you have heard of the Better Business Bureau, but not many people decided to contact them before employing a builder for a large project (such as pool installation). However, you should. Better Business Bureau ranks firms on an A-F scale and publishes real client complaints – this is the information every would-be pool owner must be aware of.

Several Better Business Bureau complaints shouldn’t a screw things up, particularly if the company has existed for quite some time. If the rest of information about the builder fits, you can always hear their side of the tale when you meet him/her personally. The actual warning mark is when there’s history of significant issues that the company hasn’t deal with and can’t properly explain.

Client feedback websites

Such websites as and Angie’s List serve people who are looking for the reviews about local pool constructors.

You should visit these sites to see if there’s any important information about the builders you’re going to hire. Nevertheless, you may not found enough feedback to form a view. Moreover, beware of false reviews designed to increase the company’s total rating.


Houzz is an increasing social network for home improvement experts and common house owners looking for ideas. Filled with images, it’s a perfect place to draw pool design inspiration and potentially find a pool contractor to employ. Moreover, it includes client feedbacks, but then again, most of listings don’t have enough reviews.

The restrictions of Internet research

As you can see, it is possible to find a pool builder on the web. However, we don’t recommend you employ one based only on the information found on the web. Online research is only a part of the process, which involves personal meetings with different builders, evaluating their work and verifying the recommendations.

The World Wide Web is a potent instrument for searching for ideas and finding potential contractors, particularly as a point of departure. If you support it with the more conventional, practical methods of accessing contractors, you are most likely to find a reliable pool contractor.



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