Invisipools presents us the pool that turns into patio

For most householders, the room requirements of a new pool are just as important as its cost. Eventually, it’s a huge part of your house that can be used for only one thing. If you don’t like swimming, the costly inground pool will simply occupy space that could be used for other purposes.

Bearing this in mind, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make your pool magically vanish when not used That’s an interesting proposal of a company called Invisipools. They’re providing a pool that transforms into a patio quicker than you can imagine.

What is an Invisipool?

An Invisipool acts as a splash pad, patio, children’s pool or a real pool due to a mobile platform that can be elevated or lowered through a control panel. The existing pool depths are 12, 36 and 66 inches, providing for a huge variety of activities and swimmers of various levels. Changing the depths suggests turning a key and clicking on a button on the control board.

A pool with a regulated depth might seem very attractive for the future pool owners who refuse to adhere to a single, traditional design. This may be persons who don’t have enough space in the backyard and parents who amuse children of various ages. Apart from everyday versatility, it also provides a certain flexibility in the event of the pool owner’s requirements evolve over time.

In contrast to the circular Hidden Water Pools that create so much hype several years ago, Invisipools are rectangular. In accordance with the company’s page, they will be available in two different sizes: small (10′ x 18′) and standard (12′ x 24′). They suggest that the mobile platform should be made of composite decking or other light materials.

While the opportunity to change the pool on the wing is great, some persons may miss the adjustment options generally available for an inground pool. This involves such things as springboards, water features, and decorative touches that will not work with the mobile platform.

Security and maintenance advantages

For lots of persons, the major benefit of such pool isn’t the impressiveness, but a way more practical value – security. As well as an automatic pool cover, such design makes it easy to protect your pool when you don’t use it. Better yet, you can permit small kids to use the pool in the way that is secure and suitable for their age.

In addition, Invisipools also states that their pools are eco-friendly and simpler to maintain than traditional pools. The design involves a UV sterilization system that decrease the necessity of chlorine.

Eventually, as in case of pool covers, maintaining the water closed the majority of the time should decrease evaporation. That suggests that you need to add less water, but what’s more significantly, it makes it less expensive to heat the pool.

What’s the price of an Invisipool?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer.

The company isn’t responsible for the pool installation, but rather works via local contractors. The precise cost will vary widely from place to place depending on delivery costs, contractor quotes, and other local circumstances. However, we can safely say that one of these pools will price more than a conventional pool of the same size.

As we have mentioned, there are some money saving options integrated into the pool that must be taken into account in when analyzing the price. Nevertheless, remember that many of these same advantages are available just by using a pool cover.

However, the universality of such pool could actually save you a significant amount and troubles in the long run. Householders pay thousands of dollars annually to get rid of the pools since their priorities have evolved. For person who are not sure about the long-standing room commitment, owning a pool that adjusts to your requirements could be worth the additional expenditures.