Installation of inground pools in Washington

On the one side, Washington isn’t the best option for building a pool because of infinite rains. So why many people still prefer installing a pool in this state? Installation of inground pools in Washington.

First of all, the climate of is Washington more diversified than many outsiders think, with way drier weather in the east of the state. But most importantly, many local residents manage to squeeze additional bathing days out of their backyard pool even when the weather isn’t good.

Bathing season

Although the weather varies significantly based on the part of the state, the number of bathing days per year is persistently restricted in Washington State. Apart from comparatively brief summers and lots of rainy days, there’s a real shortage of sunlight in the majority of the state. Clouds may often hinder your sunbathing plans and make it difficult to maintain the pool warm enough for swimming. However, you can deal with some of these using the proper pool equipment.

Extra features

An electric pool heater is considered as an “extra” in lots places, but in Washington, it is obligatory. Another way to get the most out of your pool is to build a roof over it, which can protect you from both rain and chill. Actually, if you can afford it, you may even wish to consider installation of an indoor pool. Although it is expensive, that’s the best way to make sure that the weather conditions won’t ruin your plans.

Price of installation

Construction costs are quite high in Washington, so you’ll probably pay more than the national average for pool building. However, there are lots of factors that affect the price of a pool. In order to have an accurate picture of what you will have to pay, you should ask for quotes from a few pool contractors in your region.


To receive a construction permit, you’ll have to contact the local city/county government. The precise requirements can vary significantly from place to place, but a skilled pool contractor must be able to walk you through this process.

Safety laws

The State of Washington sets specific security standards for residential pools (for instance, you need to have a safety fence that’s at least four meters high). But remember that your city/county may have extra requirements, particularly if you reside in a more densely populated region where the risk of accidents is higher. Please make sure that you comply with all the necessary regulations by getting in touch with your local authorities. Again, experienced pool builders may assume this burdensome process. Installation of inground pools in Washington.