Installation of inground pools in Texas

Texas has a very diverse climate. However, there’s no place in this state where an inground pool isn’t a perfect complement to a house. Actually, in some parts of Texas, the householders tend to enjoy their backyard pools virtually all year round. Installation of inground pools in Texas.

Bathing season

The number of swimming days you obtain is based on where you reside in Texas. For example, in the south of the state (Austin and Houston), the mean temperature don’t fall below 21 °C even in autumn. In the northern regions (like Dallas), the number of days you can use your inground pool is far less. In general, however, residents of Texas get more use out of their pools than those who live in the majority of other states.

Extra features

As your pool will be open almost all year round, it should look nice. Instead of choosing a standard shape, think of a freeform design. Such extras as springboards and water slides are also welcome. Sure, it is possible to add them later, but a pool renovation will be more expensive than just including the features at the very beginning.

Price of installation

Prices vary, but for the most part, installing an inground pool is less expensive in Texas than other states because the low labor costs. We suggest you to benefit from this to hire an experienced pool builder. If you can afford it, think of buying a costlier pool liner that will resist the Texas weather. Fiberglass pools have increased in popularity recently and provide the extra advantage of being comparatively simple to install.


You’ll require a construction permit for your new pool, which you can obtain from your city/county government. Such process may be a bit more difficult in big cities, and may even suppose various applications and charges. It’s essential to start this paperwork as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises. Another reason to entrust a pool installation to an expert is that he can generally help you with the technical details.

Security laws

Referring to the technicalities, your local authorities may have pool security laws on the books that you must adhere to when installing a new pool. Usually, this involves building a fence of a specific height around your pool to keep kids away. But to be sure, you should do some research and figure out what the law stipulates. However, an experienced pool builder should be able to help you with that. Installation of inground pools in Texas.