Inground pools in South Carolina

Installation of inground pools in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the best places for swimming, as it has a few major lakes and a great stretch of coastline with beautiful beaches. However, if you want to have a swimming pool close to the house, backyard pools are the best option for you. In short, this state is the best spot for Inground pools in South Carolina.

Bathing season

South Carolina is the best place to have an inground pool, as it has a long scorching summer. Local temperatures start to increase in April and remain like that until October, and the weather patterns are almost the same all over the state. In contrast to the future pool owners living in the north, you don’t need to worry about getting enough use out of your pool in South Carolina.

Extra features

As you will be using your new pool almost all year round, you need to buy a high-quality liner made of fiberglass or concrete. In addition, you should take a look at some luxury functions if you can afford them. We mean such features as a zero-depth entry, waterfalls, and landscape design options that can make your pool stand out. They may be expensive, but this price is easily justified considering how much use you will get out of your new pool (not to mention your property value).

Price of installation of inground pools in South Carolina

One more reason to shell out for extra features is that you can do a lot with your money in South Carolina. Building costs are low here, so under equal conditions, you will pay less for a pool than in other parts of the country. Concrete is usually the most durable option, but there are also lots of fans of fiberglass pools because of their simplicity of installation and easier maintenance.


Pool authorizations are handled by the local city and county governments. Monitor the process in your area and make sure to have all applications filed long before the construction. Inground pools in South Carolina. Pool contractors usually move this process forward, but we highly recommend you to educate yourself to prevent any undesirable consequences. Inability to obtain the necessary permits can postpone the construction and cause significant problems.

Security laws

Your local authorities may also has laws regarding pool security that may affect your plans. For instance, lots of cities require you to have a safety barrier fully surrounding your pool. Although your pool builder must be well aware of such issues, it’s essential to know them yourself before starting the project.