Pools ideas Articles Installation of inground pools in North Carolina

Installation of inground pools in North Carolina

inground pools in North Carolina

North Carolina includes lots of great beaches that are only one-day trip away for most residents. However, with its brief winters and wet summers, lots of North Carolinians want to get a swimming pool that’s a bit closer to their house. Therefore, inground pools are a popular attraction in the state, providing relief from the exhausting summer heat. Installation of inground pools in North Carolina.

Bathing season

North Carolina has a lot of swimming days. In this state, you can easily swim from May to September (or maybe longer based on the weather conditions and your tolerance for lower temperatures).

Extra features

With lots of days with the temperatures exceeding 30 °C, you should consider pool features that permit you to stay cool. Apart from stockpiling the pool floats, you could buy a pool equipped with a zero-depth entry or sun shelf that permits you to lay in the sun with the chilly water lapping at your sides.

Price of installation

Construction labor is a bit cheaper than the national average in North Carolina. In general, the price of an inground pool installation is approximately average, although there are lots of factors able to increase or reduce the final price. Nevertheless, one thing you can’t save on in North Carolina is installation, because if your project costs at least $30.000, the law stipulates that you must employ a licensed pool contractor to carry out the work.


In North Carolina, the construction permits (including the permits for pools) are processed by the county/city government. This process can differ by area, but you should certainly present a ready project of your pool and the deck together with your application and charges. If you employ a skilled pool expert to install your pool, he/she should be well aware of the local requirements. However, it never hurts to find out more details to make sure that everything is ok.

Security laws

As well as the rest of states, North Carolina demands that you surround your private pool with a fence at least four meters high. The fence must also comply with other standards that vary based on the place, so make sure to read up your local county/city laws to see if there are further laws concerning pool security. Clear, that’s useful information to know before starting your project, since it may affect your plans. Installation of inground pools in North Carolina.

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