Installation of inground pools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire includes lots of impressive beaches, and considering the small size of the state, they’re perfectly accessible to the majority of residents. Nevertheless, the most accessible swimming destination is your own backyard; therefore, most people living in New Hampshire install inground pools. Installation of inground pools in New Hampshire.

inground pool in new england

Bathing season

Unfortunately, New Hampshire has a brief bathing season, as well as the rest of the northern states. Still, the weather can be quite wet in some regions, which turns the chilly water of an inground pool a welcome object. If you own a pool heater, you will be able to swim almost all year round.

Extra features

Any inground pool needs a winter pool cover. However, in New Hampshire, make sure to get a really good one that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. If you can afford it, the purchase of a pool spa combo is reasonable. When the weather gets worse, you can still enjoy the warmth of your spa. Installing both of them simultaneously will cost you much less than integrating a spa later.

best inground pools in New Hampshire
best inground pools in New Hampshire

Price of installation

Construction labor is a bit higher than the national average in New Hampshire, which means you’ll need to pay a little extra for inground pool building. Concrete pools are the most difficult to set up, while fiberglass models are the easiest.


In New Hampshire, pool permits are the responsibility of the urban authorities. As a rule, you’ll have to file a request with a one-time payment. If you employ a skilled pool contractor from your region, they must be able to walk you through this process.

semi inground pools New Hampshire
semi inground pools New Hampshire

Security laws

Pool security is also entrusted to the city government in this state, although lots of municipalities have agreed on the same regulations you will find in the rest of the country.