Pools ideas Articles Installation of inground pools in Minnesota

Installation of inground pools in Minnesota

inground pools in Minnesota

Although winters in Minnesota are very severe, the local summers can be hot and damp in the majority of the state, which makes inground pools an excellent addition to your backyard. Installation of inground pools in Minnesota.

Bathing season

Much depends on which part of Minnesota you reside in, since the north of the state is way colder than the south. For example, in Saint Paul and Minneapolis and (in the southeast), maximum temperatures don’t exceed 21 °C until summer, and they go away in the early autumn. So no matter which part of Minnesota you live in, you can expect a short bathing season. But it’s not that bad, since fewer bathing days means less servicing.

Extra features

If you wish to extend your swimming season, get a high-quality electric pool heater to maintain water warm. However, if you’re searching for something entertaining, think of an attached spa or jacuzzi. You’ll be able to use it even after closing your pool, and having it set up at the same time will help you save and make it fit in better.

Price of installation

You might pay a bit more for an inground pool in Minnesota because of above-average construction costs. That’s particularly true of concrete pools, which are quite difficult to install. To reduce the expenses, you could perform a part of the work on your own.


In Minnesota, pool permits are processed by local authorities. To find out what’s necessary, contact your city/county government. Luckily, domestic governments in Minnesota usually publish the documents on the web, so an online search can help you get started. You’ll probably need to submit your pool plan with a one-time payment. Nevertheless, the process can differ from place to place, so ensure that you do some research. If you employ a pool expert to build your pool, they should be able to help you with that.

Security laws

Residential pool security is considered as a responsibility of the city/county government in Minnesota. If you want that your new inground pool complies with the local norms, you must install a fence around it. However, we still recommend you to do your own research in advance to ensure that the installation includes everything necessary to abide by the law. Installation of inground pools in Minnesota.

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