Installation of inground pools in Maine

Maine is famous for lots of outdoor activities, such as hunting, skiing, camping, etc. But what about swimming? Well, it is not so popular there. However, some householders in Maine prefer to install inground pools in their backyards to swim a bit during the short and warm summers. Installation of inground pools in Maine.

Bathing season

In spite of the deterrent effect of the Atlantic Ocean, Maine has almost the same climate as most of the northern states. There are actually only a few months per year where bathing is comfortable. Even in this case, you’ll require a high-quality pool heater to maintain a comfortable temperature in the water.

Extra features

A spa is considered as a worthy investment in colder areas, since it offers you enjoyment when you can’t swim in the pool, or when the night is just too cold for swimming. In this case, it’s almost a piece of cake. It’s not difficult to maintain a spa apart from a pool, so apart from the upfront costs of installation, the negative effect is minimized. Actually, if you don’t want to install a full-sized pool, you should think of a plunge pool or swim spa that can be transformed into a hot tub when you want.

Price of installation

Construction costs are approximately the national average in Maine, which is why your final invoice will probably fall into the “common” range for inground pool installation. Sure, it can vary significantly based on the chosen materials, additional features and pool expert. The best builders can be found it the list of the Better Business Bureau website for New England.


Building authorizations are released by municipal and/or county governments of Maine. The bidding process may vary based on your place of residence, but usually you’ll have to present your pool project and detailed characteristics together with your entry fee to obtain authorization to start building. A skilled pool constructor must be able to walk you through the process (or just do it for you). To prevent terrible consequences, it’s useful to read your local requirements carefully and devote enough time to do this paperwork.

Security laws

In accordance with Maine state law, all residential pools must be surrounded by a fence or other barrier to provide the security of any kids who might otherwise sneak into the pool unsupervised. If you don’t own a fence that complies with the law’s specifications, you’ll have to include it in your budget. Extra local laws may apply as well, so make sure to contact city/county to see if you need other pool security installations. However, a reputable pool contractor must be aware of such information. But it still never hurts to find out as much information as possible, since it’s your concern first and foremost.