Installation of inground pools in Illinois

Illinois is referred to as the typical Midwestern state, particularly when it concerns weather. The majority of state experienced four different seasons, including a blazing hot summer that’s ideal for swimming. It is not surprising that many householders in Chicago and the rest of the state have inground pools installed in their backyards. Installation of inground pools in Illinois.

Bathing season

When taking a decision on whether to buy an inground pool, one of the main factors to take into account is whether you will get enough use out of it to. In Illinois, the number of swimming days is a bit limited. In Chicago, for instance, maximum temperatures don’t usually reach 21°C until May, and they fall down in the beginning of autumn. Some people find it enough to justify the price of a backyard pool. Moreover, the short swimming season can be considered as a selling point since it involves less pool cleaning and operating costs.

Extra features

If you want to prolong your swimming time, you should get an electric pool heater to maintain the water warm in the morning and in colder seasons. If you can afford it, you should also consider an inground spa to buy together with your pool. It will help you enjoy the pool even in the cold weather. You might even think of buying a plunge pool intended for both cold and hot water.

Price of installation

Inground pool cost is a bit higher than the national average in Illinois, under equal conditions. But of course, a final price will depend significantly on the pool dimension and materials used. Concrete models are solid but costly, while vinyl pools are less expensive but more vulnerable to breakdowns. Another option – fiberglass – is becoming increasingly popular in Illinois since it’s usually more affordable than concrete and more lasting than vinyl. On the negative side, fiberglass pools are sold pre-assembled, so you won’t have many design options.


Permits for new residential inground pool construction are the responsibility of the urban authorities in Illinois. The process of receiving swimming pool permits varies from place to place, but generally, you must submit one or several applications and pay a corresponding free. If you hire an experienced pool builder, he/she may be able to assume such work or at least help you with this task.

Security laws

To date, Illinois doesn’t have any state-level laws regulating residential pool security. But your local government almost definitely does. If you still don’t have a safety fence around your pool, you’ll certainly have to install one. However, even if you already have it, it may not qualify as a pool barrier. The point is, you have to reach out to your city/county government to figure out what security measures are a legislative norm where you reside. Installation of inground pools in Illinois.