Installation of inground pools in Georgia

As well as the rest of southern states, Georgia is an excellent place to have a pool. Inground pools offer most residents of the Peach State some rest from the incredible summer heat, and can usually be enjoyed all over the fall. Installation of inground pools in Georgia.

Bathing season

You must be able to use an inground pool about six months in Georgia, based on your tolerance for cooler temperatures. In Atlanta, for instance, maximum temperatures usually reach 20-25 °C from April to October. On the negative side, the moisture provides favorable environment for algae, which is the reason why lots of Georgians choose algae-resistant fiberglass pools.

Extra features

Think of using creative landscape design to make your inground pool not just entertaining, but also decorative. On the hottest summer days, you’ll wish to take a plunge into your pool. In addition, the pool can act as a luxurious backdrop for other open-air activities.

Price of installation

Under equal conditions, the price of inground pool installation in Georgia is approximately the national average. But as we have already mentioned, there are many different factors besides location that affect the total cost. As the construction costs are average in the state, we suggest employing an experienced pool contractor to do the job for you. But if you wish to save (and are skilled enough), you can save a significant sum by carrying out at least a part of the work yourself.


Pool permits are processed by the city/county where you reside. The process differs from place to place, and may be more complex in city areas, such as Augusta. Luckily, big cities are usually served by pool companies that are familiarized with the system (which is a main advantage of hiring an expert).

Security laws

As well as with authorizations, pool security laws are a local matter and can vary from area to area. Most cities in the US have adopted common standards for safety fences. They should be at least four meters tall, together with many other specifications. However, your local authorities may have more or less stringent laws. It is crucial to figure out this information at the beginning of planning, since it can be important for determining what features you require – as well as the overall cost of the project. Installation of inground pools in Georgia.