Installation of inground pools in Connecticut

There are lots of summer activities in Connecticut, but many residents prefer “staycation” in their own backyards by means of inground pools. However, is an inground pool actually worth it in this northern state? That’s up to you. Installation of inground pools in Connecticut.

inground fiberglass pools in Connecticut
inground fiberglass pools in Connecticut

Bathing season

As with the majority of coastal states, the climate varies a lot based on where exactly you reside in Connecticut. But in general, this is one of the coldest states in the US. If you want to use your pool all year round, we’re obliged to disappoint you. Three months per year seems more realistic.

Extra features

You’ll require a high-quality electric pool heater, better coupled with a solar heating system to control your electricity bills. Try a plunge pool, which can act as a spa in colder weather. It will help you get more use out of your pool and save space.

Price of installation

Construction workers have a busy schedule in Connecticut compared to other states. That’s excellent for them, but hard for you if you’re going to build a time-consuming concrete pool. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways to save– choosing a smaller pool, doing a part of the digging on your own, buying an inground pool kit, etc. Look around this site for inspiration.

inground pools prices in Connecticut
inground pools prices in Connecticut


The process for obtaining pool permits differs by city, so contact your local municipality. If you employ a pool expert, they may be able to deal with the paperwork, saving you the problem. However, it is always useful to find out as much information as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Security laws

Regardless of the part of Connecticut where you reside, there are state-level laws you must comply with if you own a pool. Particularly, you must install a safety fence that meets specific requirements. Urban authorities may have extra requirements, so make sure you know all the regulations in your region before proceeding to the pool construction.