Installation of inground pools in Arizona

Arizona is known for being a state with incredibly hot summers. The best thing you can do on a hot summer afternoon in Arizona is to plunge into a cool backyard pool. Therefore, inground pools in Arizona are a worthy investment for the local homeowners.

Bathing season

Statewide, the number of bathing days is very high. Usually, the temperatures fall within the swimming range from February to November, which is more than enough to enjoy the pool to the fullest.

Extra features

In the rest of the states, pools stay under a winter cover the majority of the year. However, in Arizona, an inground pool will be a permanent part of your backyard landscape for many years. Therefore, you should ensure that the pool is something that looks great all year round. We advise you to choose a naturalistic design with a waterfall, freeform shape and rocks surrounding pool area.

Price of installation of inground pools in Arizona

The price of an inground pool is a bit higher in Arizona than in the rest of the states. Other factors like the pool dimensions and materials chosen (concrete, fiberglass or vinyl) will definitely play a very important role in the final cost. There are lots of benefits to employing an experienced pool contractor to do the work for you; however, if you have the necessary skills, you will definitely save a significant sum by carrying out the installation with your own hands.


Every part of Arizona has various applications and a various procedures for perceiving construction permits. A skilled pool constructor can help you find out what’s needed. As it can become more complex, you should get your paperwork prepared as soon as possible.

Security laws

Arizona has a state-level law demanding residential pool owners to build barriers around their pools. If you already have a fence, it might qualify under this law. Nevertheless, if your house represents one side of the barrier, there are extra safety requirements for any doors that offer entry into your backyard. Moreover, there may be other by-laws you have to follow. Make sure you’re aware of all the structures and security installations you have to use your pool lawfully in Arizona before beginning the construction.